Poetry Friday: Before the Paling of the Stars
Remembering Grampa

The Feast of The Immaculate Conception

Isn't this like a little breath of springtime in the middle of winter? A soft breeze of May right here in December?


For today's feast, honoring Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception, we baked some sugar cookies - though I held myself back from sprinkles and icing and kept them perfectly plain. But alas, there was no tea! I ran out of milk this afternoon and tea's just not tea without plenty of milk (and sugar).

Above you see our small feast day tableau - the cookies, a book about Mary's life (by who else but Tomie), our Mary statue (on loan from Earlybird's room), and a candle we decorated just for today.

This was not the candle craft I originally envisioned, but time was pressing, so here is what we came up with. (Next year I hope to make (or buy) one like Jen's or as Ruth describes.) I happened to have a plain white pillar candle on hand - I wrapped it with a wide sheer pink ribbon, then slipped a Miraculous Medal onto a thinner blue ribboon and placed it on top of the pink. I tacked the ribbons into place with double-sided tape. (I know, there I go with the tape again! I really have to get my glue gun working.) Gold star stickers sprinkled above and below added a final touch. The effect was very nice actually, and the shades were so light and lovely - it had me thinking of the merry (Marian) month of May.

Feeling all crafty, I next made up a quick bookmark for my new book (which I am loving, by the way).  Here is what I did. I started with a plain white bookmark (available in bulk at the craft store) and pasted on a photocopy of the Immaculate Conception (from a holy card). Then I added 12 golden stars stickers and a pale pink tassel. Done! This craft was a snap to complete and could be done in any number of styles. (This would make a nice gift at Christmas - a decorated bookmark to go with a new book.)


Lest you think I had all the fun, I did have the boys wielding crayons and glue before the day was over! I saw similar projects to this one in A Year with God and Art 1 for Young Catholics but the one we used was from the Mary, Mother of God coloring book.

Here you see Crackerjack's and Bookworm's (left and right, respectively) cardstock Miraculous Medals. We read and talked about them, and looked at the one I have, noticing all the details. They colored the front and back images as they wished (I love how they love color) and then we glued thin yellow ribbon inside the two halves to allow them to wear the "medals" around their necks.


Here they are all finished, below. These are not really for wearing of course, but will look nice on their bedroom wall for a time.


Now this last craft was a spur of the moment thing. We were poking around in my craft bin and found a wooden letter M. M is for Mary of course, and "Hey, how about this cross," Bookworm wondered aloud, holding up a wooden cross image. Together they made the very symbol on the back of the Miraculous Medal!

So a little paint, a little glue ...


and a lot of glitter (we're really into glitter these days) ...



And we had a sparkly Marian ornament for our Christmas tree! It will help us remember this fun day, our beautiful faith ~ and it catches the lights very nicely. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!