Field Day is Here!
Gingerbread Cookies!

Friday Notes and Photos

In other words, just a bit of catch-up before bed ... :)

1. First of all, Field Day was enormously fun - thanks again to everyone who pitched in with posts, pictures, plugs, comments  and well wishes! I so appreciate you all! (And if you look very closely, you'll see I slipped in one more entry just this evening!)

2. Secondly, Nina asked about my bulletin board, which I posted briefly about, ah, yesterday I think it was - was it only yesterday?? Gosh time has flown and here it is Friday. I just wanted to let you all know, (since I'm sure you've been waiting on tenterhooks, lol) I made good on my promise and updated my original post with details about what-all is up on the board. Nina asked (hi Nina!) if I have a color-copier and the answer is, happily, yes. We've had our copier/printer/scanner for years and I honestly don't know how I'd get along without it!

3. Thirdly, after I posted about our Autumn Star cookies and made my not so subtle plea for gingerbread recipes, I had a couple of responses! Katherine very sweetly posted her family's favorite recipe at her blog (thank you!) and Beck offered to email hers (again thank you!). Beck, please do; my email address is drhanigan AT verizon DOT net. (I only took it off this page recently after I got a few spammy emails.) Katherine, your recipe sounds so good (and what a lovely story behind it). In fact, I just finished mixing up the dough tonight! Tomorrow our church is holding a toy drive/bake sale and I am planning to bring - you guessed it - gingerbread cookies! Ooh, the dough was so dark and rich smelling I can hardly wait to bake it up. Naturally I will be posting pictures of the results tomorrow!

And you know, I had a little idea (oh, dear) that if anyone else has gingerbread recipes they'd like to share (look out 4Real ladies you know this means you!) please send them my way - by e-mail or (blog) post - and I might pull together a mini-carnival of gingerbread next week! I'll bet you have a family favorite, or even maybe some handy gingerbread tips? Friends, I have three cookie swaps and a bake sale this month - I could really use some help!

OK on to the pictures from the past day or two. This first being a spent, yet striking, dandelion nub I noticed in our backyard. Earlybird was just peeping over my shoulder  and proclaimed it a "spider" and then thinking better of it, a "bee eating a spider." Interesting, EB.


I just had to show you this birthday gift we brought to our dear friend Jared's 7th birthday party Thursday afternoon. I am kicking myself that I forgot my camera! The party was at a local bowling alley and goodness, did my boys have fun! (And you know, they weren't half bad?) Anyway, I am posting this because I wanted to point out the stars we used to decorate the plain craft store bag (attached with little rolled up bits of scotch tape). These are the scraps from our star-making on Wednesday! After the boys used up every last dinosaur sticker on the card (I had meant for them to save a few for the bag), I remembered all these little colorful stars and thought they made a cheerful touch!


Next we have Earlybird during his ahem, morning science lesson. Pajamas and piggies - is there any better way to study the planets?


Well, yes, you can also get up really close and chat about the changing solar system. (This is the other side of the poster. Btw, this is from the current issue of National Geographic which I specifically bought this month for its cover story on Saturn - EB's second favorite planet after Jupiter. (I'm not sure where Earth stands.)


Next we have my cat, Penny. Isn't she the cutest? Please disregard the disarray of reading material spread all around her!


Here is Crackerjack kicking back with a good book - one he can read all by himself! (Again with the jammies! We do get dressed on occasion, I promise.) I can't tell you how proud he is (we are!) that he can read this book cover to cover.


Ah, yes. Here is where you would have found me late this afternoon. Bundled up on the couch, snuggled up to this sight. I am a bit under the weather today and I thought tea and some clementines might help me along. (Now see this is where the jammies come in. Mama took a sick day, Daddy worked from home, the rain poured down outside and we all kept things real casual-like.) :)


This last photo looks somewhat Halloween in nature, but I love how these starry little candles looked as darkness fell. A bit of late autumn starlight piercing the looming winter darkness perhaps?


Well, this concludes another blogging week! I hope everyone has a wonderful time ushering in the new and beautiful season of Advent this Sunday! Have fun and God bless!