The Week Ahead - or the Week That Is!
Happy Birthday Earlybird (and Papa)!!

All is Merry, Bright & Bandaged


Here are the older two boys yesterday, enjoying a little feast for St. Lucia!

In learning about Sweden and its St. Lucia customs, we discovered that by tradition the boys in the family wear cone-shaped hats decorated with stars. They accompany the little "St Lucias" in the household (their sisters), and are called Starngossar, or "star boys." Together, the children bring breakfast in bed to their parents. Well, we have no little St. Lucias in this house (unless you count me or the cat, which of course you wouldn't), but we certainly have our share of little *star* boys! :) (Earlybird did get his own hat, but he was napping during this particular photo shoot.)

The boys' hats are just contruction paper cones stapled together and adorned with star stickers. The craft book I followed called for sheets of 12x18 size paper, which I did not have, so I just stapled regular 9x12 sheets together to make the right size. We had a few extra staples in those hats, but they still looked pretty festive! (And how it warms my heart that my boys are still young enough - in age and spirit - that they willingly do things like this.)

I think their smiles, though, are really all about the orange sweet rolls we baked for tea. I had hoped to make Karen's suggested recipe, but we ran out of time (that seems to be a familiar theme with me lately). So as luck (or forethought) would have it, I had a can of these ooey-gooey breakfast buns in the fridge. We found Sweden on the map, talked briefly about how many people celebrate Christmas all over the world in all different ways, and yet we are all celebrating the same thing. That's pretty neat. We're still waiting on Hanna's Christmas - a picture book that was wriitten by dear Melissa Wiley  (How is it I never realized that fact till just recently? Where have I been?) Hopefully it will be in soon.

And yes, that is an awfully large bandage on Crackerjack's head. He had a bit of an accident yesterday morning. He was running through the house, (I know - he should not be running in the house), wiped out and landed headfirst on a Lego. Ouch! He received a small but extremely deep puncture wound above his right eyebrow. It bled like crazy and naturally the poor boy s-c-r-e-a-m-e-d his little heart out. Thankfully, he is fine, but it took the EMT's to assure me of that ... Yep, you read that right. I placed my first (and hopefully my last) 911 call yesterday.

It turned out to be too small to stitch, but we're keeping a firm bandage on it to keep the pressure applied. After the medical team left, I placed a call to our pediatrician just to get any further instructions. They said the same thing - watch it, keep it clean and let it heal.

Needless to say, our day was a bit mellow after that. It poured all afternoon, so we sort of just snuggled on the couch and watched a little TV. As a special treat, Crackerjack was allowed to pick dinner, and not surprisingly he picked McDonalds. So Bill brought home a bunch of Happy Meals. It may not have been the most nutritious of days, nor certainly the calmest - but it will be one of the most memorable!