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Two More Poinsettia Crafts

Thanks to Elizabeth's wonderfully clear instructions, I was able to make a poinsettia fairy yesterday in under 30 minutes! (Time is not usually of the essence when I'm crafting, unless I'm trying to do it in such a way that my 5 yo doesn't notice the hot glue gun.)


I really like the way she looks on our tree! This was an easy, but very satisfying craft - and oh, how I love to work with felt, even little bits of it. I think I could make loads of these fairies, maybe in various varieties. Hmmm... where are those Flower Fairy books, anyway ...? :)

Next I set about making a sand dollar ornament, but as I went to follow the instructions at this site, I felt compelled to do something a bit different. (I'm a rebel, I know!) I liked the way the imprint looked on the front, curved side of the sand dollar rather than the one the back. So instead of painting a poinsettia on the back, I "glittered" a poinsettia to the front. I simply used a small brush and some Tacky glue to brush the glue onto the petal-like imprints. Then I liberally sprinkled red glitter all over the glue - tamping it down a bit, letting it set, and then shaking off the excess. (I used a small brush to get rid of stray bits.) I glittered the center with gold as a final touch and then tied the ornament to the tree.


Upon further reflection, I think it looks more like a red daisy than a poinsettia, lol! Next time I woud make the "petals" more jagged to more accurately represent the shape of the poinsettia leaves.

Still, it sparkles nicely in the lights - and it was a fun way to use up some of my glitter stash! :)