Oh, I do hope this is good ...
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A Few Pictures to Share ...

I did manage a picture of the mantel on Christmas eve, just after we hung the stockings - and just before we shooed the kids off to bed (they went willingly!). It was very exciting for us, as this was the first year we had a real mantel! Not shown is the stocking for the cats ... oh, yes, we include our beloved felines in much of the holiday celebration. Come Christmas morning their stocking always holds a few surprises like a new food dish, a pet brush and, much to their mortification, a suet cake or two for the birds.


Yesterday was a nice day of rest and recovery. I couldn't help but snap a picture of the cozy little corner from which I barely (rarely) moved. All I needed was my laptop, my favorite seasonal idea books, and the mug of coffee my husband brought me - isnt he a dear? This is decaf (I think he determined I'd had enough caffeine by 2 p.m.) with a splash of Bailey's (for medicinal purposes, you know) and a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream that he made himself (!) with my Christmas gift -a Braun Three-in-One Hand Blender. (Not to detract at all from this loving gesture, but I think he wanted to get his hands on the new kitchen toy, lol.) The coffee was as yummy and soothing as it looked:


It's probably not wise to have this many delicious leftover Christmas treats just hanging around the house. Not wise - but wonderful!


Clockwise from upper left - jam thumbprints, fudge brownies with white chocolate chips, eggnog cookies and chocolate chip cookies, tiny sprinkled sugar cookies, iced butter cookies, a mixed bag of all kinds of cookies, my mum's butter-and-whiskey cake (a tradition on Christmas and Bill's birthday request every year), penuche fudge, another mixed platter of cookies and a package of Stella Dora's that obviously did not need to be opened! (Of course these all arrived beautifully arranged on pretty platters and holiday dishes, but for storage purposes they've been transferred to assorted Tupperware containers and Ziploc bags.)

So Christmas was (is!) here and it left in its wake, quite an array of goodies, gifts and assorted holiday debris. This week we're inching closer "back to business" ... but we're still half-on, half-off our regular routine. After weeks of preparing it's hard to adjust back to schedule! We're just doing lots of reading and remembering this week for the most part. Next week it will be back to things like, oh, math and geography. :)

I also hope to work on my "New Year Planbook" this week (a section I'm lifting out of my homekeeping binder - I just need to have it more accessible and portable). This week I'll be setting up the files, the weekly planner and monthly calendar, looking through my seasonal idea books and sketching out some hopes and goals for 2007. I'll also look at where we are in our studies, and adjust and re-think a few areas - what's working, what's not, that sort of thing. I'll post about it all as soon as I can!