A Tour of Our Christmas Tree!
To Do Today ...

It was Cay!

Cay, my dear friend, you were my 2000th comment last night! Hooray and Thank You!

Earlier this week I saw that I was nearing this blogging "benchmark" and I couldn't help wondering - who would be the one?

And this morning, I am just tickled it was Cay - especially since I was praying for her beautiful family last night after receiving their Christmas card in the mail just yesterday!

Thank You Cay, for your kind comment and Thank You to everyone who leaves me comments here. I appreciate each and every one of them. I love hearing from friends, family, bloggers, non-bloggers - and I especially love it when someone who has been reading for a while takes a moment to say hi, and introduce themselves, and comment on what it is that draws them to my blog. It makes this whole blogging experience all the more fun and friendly!

So if you're stopping by today, whether or not you have the time or inclination to leave a comment, please know how much I appreciate your visit. :)

And please stop by Cay's blog today, too - someone special is celebrating a birthday. :) Cay's Cajun Cottage served as a model for me when I was brainstorming my own blog, and remains one of my first and favorite places to visit everyday.