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Light and Lemony Snowball Cookies


These are my new favorite cookies - to eat and to bake! They are so very simple to make, and they are just the tastiest little bites of butter cookies. I baked them last week for our homeschool cookie swap, and this morning I got up bright and early (actually make that dark and early, lol) and made up a batch for Bill's office "Cookie Bake-Off" today. (Right. That's "Bake-Off" and not "Swap." Results to come later today.) ;)

I will definitely be making up a few more batches of these throughout the holidays and beyond. To my mind these cookies are the perfect wintertime treat - all snowy with confectioner's sugar and zesty with citrus, which is so in season come January. I think they make a nice teatime cookie - so much so that I sent my plate of cookies in with a dozen or so packages of Lemon Lift tea.

And since I can't post about anything without giving you the whole story, soup to nuts, here is the recipe and some photos from the morning ...


Above you see the main cookie ingredients. (Not shown are the two sticks of unsalted butter I softened overnight.)


Here's how the batter looks when all mixed - light, fluffy and fragrant. And below you see it all rolled out into 1" balls. One of the things I love about this recipe is how the whole recipe fits on one cookie sheet! Thirty-six cookies in all and you're done!


I got a little camera happy - here's the 1/2 teaspoon of unsweetened lemonade mix going into the powdered sugar. This is where the "kick" comes in.


And below is one baked and slightly cooled cookie ready to get rolled in the sugar.


And here they are all piled on the plate, ready to be wrapped up and sent in with Bill. 


Ready at last - wrapped in cellophane, tied up with a bow, with tea bags poking out all around.


So keep your fingers crossed for me, LOL! Whatever the judges think, I really enjoyed the baking/craft opportunity this morning - you know how I love cookies, ribbons and tea! (I'm surprised I didn't find a way to sneak some glitter in there!)