Light and Lemony Snowball Cookies
Two More Poinsettia Crafts

The Competition ...

... was stiff, as you can see:


Bill brought home a sampling of all the cookies from his office Bake-Off today. Clockwise from top center (and I'm kind of guessing on the actual names - confirmation to come later):

  • ginger cookie
  • cranberry-filled pillow cookie
  • spritz cookies
  • blueberry jam thumbprint cookie
  • snickerdoodle
  • chocolate chip pan cookie
  • peanut butter chocolate ball
  • peanut butter cup cookie
  • rum ball

Recipes will also be forthcoming. Quite unfortunately no one had a camera to capture all the beautiful presentations (which, I hear, ranged from silver platters to fine china).

And SHOCKINGLY my lemon snowballs won three out of the five categories: taste, aftertaste and presentation! (The "texture" category went to the chocolate peanut butter balls and "smell" went to the rum balls.)

Tonight after supper, I will be taste-testing the competition for myself - I am sure they are as delicious as they look!