It was Cay!
Bonne Hiver!

To Do Today ...

  1. Pray for a dear friend's babies. Please join us.
  2. Finish the Christmas cards. Really and truly I mean it, today we will finish them and tomorrow we will mail them! (But if you are expecting a card from us, it just may arrive after Christmas Day!)
  3. Begin wrapping. Yes, begin.
  4. Celebrate the official start of winter at 7:22 this evening. Bird tree decorations and cocoa all around!
  5. Pick up the Katherine Valentine book I have on hold at the library. (It's in! And just before the Christmas holiday!)
  6. Clean, clean, clean. Begin with the dining room!
  7. Organize our outfits for Christmas.
  8. Bake more lemon snowballs to eat and give as gifts.
  9. Clean up the craft bins which are all over the house. (Organizing to come later.)
  10. Eat leftovers for lunch (and dinner) to make room in the fridge.
  11. Make out my grocery shopping list for the weekend.
  12. Read The Clown of God; use Catholic Mosaic's discussion questions as a guide.
  13. Catch up on my e-mails (I am waaaay behind!)
  14. Begin my New Year's Notebook (more on that later).
  15. Consume a good amount of caffeine - coffee, tea and/or chocolate.
  16. Breathe deeply, try not to stress and remember to smile.

"If you give happiness to people, you give glory to God as well."

(from The Clown of God)

I hope your day is a happy one!