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A Little Craft for January's Devotion


This was a very last minute kind of craft, but quick and easy to put together. I was reading my beloved (and borrowed) copy of Around the Year with the Trapp Family yesterday (in our newly arranged winter book nook - more on that later) about yesterday's feast, The Most Holy Name of Jesus, when this passage, as also quoted at Catholic Culture stood out. (What would we ever do without that website, lol?)

Hmmm ... deep cornflower blue, golden letters? Yep, I thought, we could do that. And suddenly I had a hands-on way to explore the meaning of The Most Holy Name of Jesus, our January devotion, with the boys.

Rummaging around in our craft bins we came up with: "cornflower" blue and gold paint, golden glitter, golden tissue, yellow construction paper, a paper plate and cardboard circles (cake boards). For the letters, I remembered a page from a coloring book we own - I made a photocopy and cut out the letters.

We wrapped the largest circle in the tissue and painted the edge of the next largest in gold. We painted the back (convex) side of the paper plate blue and when dry, taped 12 yellow construction paper "rays" all around the underside edge. The photocopied letters were smeared generously with glue stick and glitter and adhered to the center of the plate. Lastly we glued the whole project together. (Tape worked best on the plate.)

As a final touch, we brainstormed Most Holy Names which I wrote out on little "ribbons" of yellow paper. (Crackerjack said they looked like lightning bolts, lol.) We attached these ribbons (or bolts) all around our creation, which we hung in the center of our school room windows.

And there it will hang all this month long, a reminder of the January Devotion. :)