Tea & a Craft for St. Agnes
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Little Flowers for Grammie

Today, we enjoyed our tea for St. Agnes, and remembered our beloved Grammie, who passed away last year. We could not be at her anniversary Mass this weekend, so we planned to remember Grammie in our own way at home. This morning we got to church early so we could light a candle of prayer in her name, and yesterday, we prepared a spiritual bouquet in her honor. You can see it there below, tucked into the real bouquet of "little flowers." (The tiny pale pink carnations, January's flower, smelled so spicy and sweet.) Grammie was greatly devoted to St. Therese, The Little Flower, so today we celebrated three beautiful, saintly women.


Over tea we talked about Grammie, and delighted in old memories. She was 101 when she died and lived a long, interesting and joyful life. I'm so glad my boys got to know her and that they remember her still. I am certain they always will.

I thought I might share with you how we made the spiritual bouquet - although I am sure many of my readers are familiar with the concept. Each one of us made a promise of prayers - prayers we would gather together in a bouquet of love and remembrance of Grammie. We chose to assemble these prayers in a tangible and memorable way - as a simple flower craft. This is something you could do for anyone in need of prayers or perhaps just cheering up. It would also make a thoughtful Valentine or Mother's Day gift.

At first I thought of using a straw as the base, but I found a wooden heart stick from last Valentines Day and repainted it to suit the flower project: 



Each one of us chose an identifying color and cut out little construction paper petals, one each for our promised prayers. Even Earlybird will say those little prayers he is learning - "Amen," "Jesus," and "Mary."

Here is the flower all arranged:


The last step was to write our prayers on the petals and glue them all around. We pasted a picture of Grammie to the center of the flower as well.


If your children were making this as a gift for a grandmother or aunt, you could paste a picture of him or her there instead.

I hope you all had a nice weekend, and until tomorrow, Good Night and God Bless!