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A Little Craft for January's Devotion

A New Year's Thought

"The New Year opens most beautifully to me with all my dear ones in good health, & each busy & happy in their own peculiar way. Father with his school duties, books & newspapers, Lu, her quiet room & writing, Abbie earning her living pleasantly among kind friends & the gaity so congenial to her fun loving nature. Mother is rather lonely & finds her kitchen & workbasket tiresome at times, but is well, happy in her children’s success & happiness, & finding much comfort & rest in a home of her own."

~Anna Alcott Pratt’s Journal,
January 1861

I came across this quote while researching our Orchard House trip. I love this passage from Anna's (Meg's) journal ~ I wrote it down in my "commonplace book" (my new name for my journal). I just thought these words were too nice not to share with you all. :)