A Homemaking Meme!
A Miracle Meme

It's National Pie Day!

So what did we do? Why, we baked ...


Chocolate-chip cookies of course!

These were for Crackerjack's CCD class. Last week CJ asked if I would ask if we could bring a snack this week. So I did, and the teachers said "Sure!" (Who says no to cookies?) Well, today, we rolled up our sleeves and baked up a batch! I took the recipe right off the Ghirardelli package, and boy, oh boy, were they good. No nuts, no raisins, no oats - just straight up chocolate-chip. The kids loved them and CJ felt like a star.

A few other pictures and notes from today (and yesterday) ...

~ We savored the snow. (It snowed! It snowed! It finally snowed!) It was the pretty, light and easy kind of snow, too. We took a whole bunch of bird pictures - I'll be putting them up at The Nature Corner tomorrow (maybe tonight if I have time).


~ We read about Japanese Samurai in Story of the World Volume II (chapter 17). My boys just cannot get over the fact that these mighty warriors would dance before battle. (I think it was actually just one general the book was referring to, but the image stuck.) The poetry and the gardens they could grasp, but the dancing just had them in stitches.

~ We watched Castle again, because we just love it so. Even EB enjoys it.

~ We tried to start The Trumpeter of Krakow but the tape player died.

~ We tried to start the van but the battery died. (Or something worse; we'll have to wait to hear what the car guys have to say.) Missed speech, but borrowed Nana's car to get  CJ to CCD.

~ We worked on an odd, but fun, writing assignment. It was National Answer Your Cat's Question Day (no I'm not kidding) yesterday. So what do you do on such a day? Well, if you have cats, as we do, you spend a few minutes staring them down, trying to determine what they are thinking. (Cats, if given the chance, could be the world's best poker players.) Then you spend a few more minutes coming up with a creative writing exercise in which you actually answer those questions.

~ We made a card for a seminarian we know who is making his Diaconate Ordination this weekend. Thanks to my friend Jenn, we were able to incorporate the symbol for Holy Orders into the card. Here's how it came out:


~ We read about St. Vincent, a deacon in the early Church, whose feast day it was (yesterday). We read from Acts of the Apostles 6:1-7, as was suggested in Saints and Feast Days. We reviewed the seven sacraments. We popped a photocopy of the card into our family faith notebook.

~ We talked about relics after seeing, and being blessed by, one at church on Sunday. Below is our replica of the relic of St. Agnes. (The actual sacramental was much smaller than this.) We read a bit about relics in Ann Ball's book and then made this project. We filed it in the notebook with a note about the experience.


~ We worked on penmanship a little extra hard today after discovering it is National Handwriting Day (and that would be because it is also John Hancock's birthday today, lol).

~ And I think we did some other stuff, but that is all I can think of right now! ;)

For future reference, we will keep in mind a few wonderful posts about National Pie Day that really are all about pies!

For now, Good night and God bless!