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Poetry Friday: For the Kids

I'll bet you didn't know it was National Popcorn Day ...

No, neither did I, but now we do, and we have the perfect excuse to whip up a bowlful of that hot and buttery snack along with some sweet steaming cocoa. :)

So why not corral your clan and "pop" in an afternoon movie ~ a fun way to celebrate the end of the "work week."

Happy Friday!

A Popcorn Song

Sing a song of popcorn

When the snowstorms rage;

Fifty little round men

Put into a cage.

Shake them till they laugh and leap

Crowding to the top;

Watch them burst their little coats

Pop!! Pop!! Pop!!

~ Nancy Byrd Turner

Of course, it loses a bit in translation when you consider we only ever make microwave popcorn anymore. That's okay, it's still a mighty cute poem!

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