And Speaking of Peace ...
Color Take II: Rainbow Sherbet

The Little Things


Above are today's family faith notebook pages. On the left is Crackerjack's coloring page about St. Francis de Sales, and on the right is the Our Lady Queen of Peace page. We simply glued a print-out of Our Lady's image onto a larger image of the earth ("Peace-on-Earth") and then pasted the whole thing onto a golden doily (I know, I know - there I go with the doilies again, lol!). Finally, we backed it all with a piece of cream-colored card stock.

What I like about these little activities - and I know they are very little - is that they are done so quickly and easily, for the most part. It's so easy to make time for a little project, a prayer, a candle or a story each day. Just time enough for a cup of tea to cool or a batch of cookies to come out of the oven.

Certainly there are some projects that require more detailed work and closer attention, but I really like making our faith an everyday kind of thing - does that make sense? I mean, there are definitely things we must observe and honor with much greater attention and sincerity. I don't mean to trivialize our faith by making these small efforts, which might seem superficial.

I don't mean them to be superficial. My hope is that they are filling a vessel - three precious vessels - with a small drop of faith every day.

I don't wish our faith to be something we just "do" on Sundays. I want our faith to breath its beautiful life into our daily comings and goings. I want it to feel familiar and comfortable, and still awesome and glorious ...

Oh, I don't think I'm making sense and that usually means it's time for bed. :)

Tomorrow brings another day to explore and embrace. I hope you have a restful night and will "see" you in the morning. God bless!