A Little Craft for the Baptism of the Lord
A Special Birthday

Well, that was a First!

I think January 9, 2007 will go down as the first day I didn't post a thing here. Not a thing.

Actually it was not entirely my fault. Typepad was down last night between 7 and 8 - maybe later, I don't know - I went to bed. So technically I couldn't post.

(Excuses, excuses.)

Not that I had anything great to say anyway. I was really stretching to think of something to talk about. Goodness, me? Not have something to say? January 9th is the birthdate of Elvis - could I make a post out of that, I wondered? No, probably not. Besides, it turned out he was born on the 8th, which did me no good. So I halted my search for the lyrics to Blue Suede Shoes.

This is an area I need to work on - in blogging and in life. Sometimes it's OK to just be quiet. If there's silence I tend to fill it - but good things grow in silence, don't you think? Quiet is where we hear what we need to.

Even so, I spent a good amount of time at Blogthings last night trying to find a neat quiz to post. (Have you noticed some of their quizzes are, shall we say, a bit adult? I find myself less and less comfortable there.) I even found a really cute "100 Acre Wood Character" quiz somewhere out there in the world wide web - not on Blogthings, at a site I can't remember now - that I was going to post, but the graphics wouldn't work. (Just so you know, I was Owl. I really wished to be Kanga.)

Anyhoo. Typepad had the final say so. And it was all for the better. Because we were all tired in this household yesterday. We needed an early-to-bed.

Usually, that last hour before bedtime is when I post whatever it is I'm going to post for the day. I look at the notes I've made through the day, clean them up, and hit that publish button. I also had many blogs to visit, comments to leave and a few to answer, an email or two to send ...

But instead, last night, I logged off and took extra long with the boys over prayers. Crackerjack is making his First Penance in two weeks' time and it is much on his mind. As is his left front tooth which is hanging on by what seems to be a very strong thread. We talked about these things with his older brother who has gone through both confession and loose teeth.

Earlybird was already asleep. (Have I mentioned he's stopped napping? He now sleeps from 7 till 4. So you see why we too keep an early bedtime.) Bill was also already in bed, and sound asleep before 8. He's a bit under the weather - he needed it.

I spent the remainder of my quiet time reading in bed, the house growing still around me. I read some more in my book and looked back over today's Magnificat ...

That quiet space made room for good words - read and said - and a few extra prayers. By 8:30 I was turning out the light.

And there was nothing new at my blog. Not a thing.

Well, it's a brand new day. I'm working on a post about our Middle Ages study - I'm tweaking the very life out of it (or rather, I hope, into it) and I want to tell you all about that.

So please stay tuned. I think there will be a post sometime later today. :)