The Loveliness of Romance
A Field Day Reminder ...

Our Afternoon with Abe

We had fun this afternoon celebrating Abraham Lincoln's birthday! First of all, it was just a great February day - cold and windy, with brilliant sunshine. We wrote out some Valentine cards this morning and mailed them on the way home from speech. Then, after lunchtime, just after EB went down for a nap (he's still recovering from that cold), we broke out the Swiss Rolls - I mean, Lincoln Logs - and poured cups of creamy hot cocoa. While the wind whipped around outside our learning room windows we listened to the tales of Abe Lincoln's childhood ...


As we read, this particular quote caught our attention:

"That winter was long, but at last spring was there. Then the distant neighbors came to help them build a real cabin. It had four walls, but no windows or door. They had to climb through a hole in the wall to get in and out."

Bookworm exclaimed, "Hey, just look at the hole in the wall of our birdhouse!"

Why, we mused, this could be the very replica of that cabin from so long ago! I don't think we will ever consider this birdhouse without remembering the good laugh we had envisioning the Lincoln family crawling in and out of that hole! The boys were amazed at the hardships the Lincolns faced, and how at one time they lived in a three-sided house!

"What about the wild animals," Crackerjack asked?

Yes, the dangers were many back then. We felt all the more fortunate for our secure and toasty warm home where the wildest animal we encountered today was the neighbor's cat we chased out of the sandbox!

After our snack, we began work on our log cabin bird house. This craft would be fun for any family studying pioneer days. I bought the unfinished wooden bird house at Michael's Arts & Crafts for $4.99. I would assume similar varieties are available in other craft supply stores nationwide.

Here are some pictures from our project:


The boys each chose a side and got to work painting the roof.


The sides were painted in log cabin red.


Bookworm gave the door a coat of green paint.


After a bit of blue for the porch, we were done!

While I applied a few finishing touches (i.e. smoothed out a few globs here and there), the boys spent a while building with their Lincoln logs by the fire.


Bookworm took his time with the engineering aspects ...


... and Crackerjack just had a good time!

So, we will continue reading our book through the week, and Bookworm is also reading this biography. We never did get around to the pretzel log cabin I so wanted to try, but we may save that for Wednesday as a Nor'easter is moving in. A perfect day to work on such a project, while the world turns white all around us.