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Field Day: The Late Winter Edition

"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour." ~ John Boswell


Welcome to a brand new Field Day ~ The Late Winter Edition! So how are you all faring this long and lingering season? Are you huddled inside, or getting out and about? Are you embracing the cold, or longing for spring? Are you sporting rosy cheeks or suffering from cabin fever?

I am so pleased and proud to once again share the stunning photography of Marcie from Louisiana ~ and this time she's joined by Christine from Virgina! Both ladies have graciously lent their artistic talent to Field Day, and I am so honored! (That's Christine's January ice storm at the top.)

So, what does winter nature study look like? Well, some dear friends have helped me answer this question, and so, without further ado ... let's draw closer to the fire, sip from a hot cup of tea and explore the beauty of the late winter season.

Winter means ... snow!


Christine's February road ...

Well, if it's snow you're looking for, Angela's got it - and how! A Valentine's Storm left 30+ inches and you have got to see the pictures to believe it! Winter storms have been marching across the country, inspiring Becky's dramatic and beautiful Snow Snaps. And while an icy mix fell outside, Dani shared what to do on a winter's day.

Talk about drama, wait till you see what Tracy caught on camera! It may not be snow, but you'll be blown away by her powerful example of late winter science and nature!

Whether banded together or all on their own, snowflakes are a marvel to behold. Now if you'd like an up close look at these six-sided beauties Kimberlee's son will show you just how to do it!

Winter means ... birds at the feeders.


A Cajun sunset from Marcie's front door ...

Theresa is embracing the winter with her family, enjoying the birds who flock to their home. And Jennifer shares a whole season's worth of birding experiences in a post that's not just for the birds. :)

Meredith and her dear children celebrate one of my most favorite moments in late winter, exclaiming, The Robins are Back! And birds of all kinds are stopping by Donna's ~ those winter wings are so striking against the snow.

Dani's family has also been enjoying winter birdwatching. Their bright red bowl of seed has attracted many hungry creatures both feathered and furred. And there is more excitement to be found with Marjorie as she makes an interesting woodland discovery and offers some tips on birding by ear.

Winter means ... time to reflect.


Hauling sugar cane down south ... (by Marcie)

In a post from last year, Alice reflects most beautifully upon a familiar question posed to many homeschoolers at this time of year. Her eloquent answer - Yes, we have snow days ...

Winter brings cold ~ days and days of cold. And perhaps no one knows cold better than a Minnesotan. With her wonderful wit and warmth, Margaret reflects on the season at hand with a charming verse, Home is Where the Cold Is.

Winter means ... getting outside.

Whether it's frosty ...


January ice storm ... (by Christine)

or mild ...


Florida coast on Christmas Day ... (by Marcie)

The woods harbor all kinds of winter secrets; Marjorie's dear children made a recent discovery at the "Wolery" ... to find out more, you'll just have to pop on over for a stroll by their creek.

And at another creek a bit further north, Theresa and her Superboy spent a rare and beautiful day together - gathering garnets and precious memories.

Perhaps the winter skies hold secrets of their own? Mary Ellen's family braves the cold to stargaze on cold starry nights. And don't forget to look down! Mary's family ventures out to observe tracks in the snow and discovers who's been there.

Also making memories (and rosy cheeks!) Susan and her son braved the elements for some old-fashioned winter fun.

Winter means ... indoor pursuits.


Marcie's dog has the right idea! So comfy!

Sometimes the winter cold sends us off in search of indoor pursuits. A wonderful way to spend a frosty afternoon is to while away an hour or two at the aquarium. That is just what Rebecca and her lucky children did recently, enjoying the antics of the manatees at the Columbus Zoo!

Mary Ellen's dear children spent a recent winter's day making lovely winter crafts to hang in their windows. And speaking of windows, Alicia's family took some time to explore the beauty and wonder of their winter frosted panes.

Winter means ... spring is not far off.


Marcie's smiling pansies await us ...

And take a look at what Matilda found in her yard ~ a perfect send off for our winter-weary hearts. Just close your eyes and you can almost smell spring ...

Well, that will do it for this Late Winter Edition of Field Day! THANK YOU so very much to everyone who took part! I hope you will all consider joining me once again in another month or so when we explore the nature of an Early Spring Field Day. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please stoke the fire and pass me another cup of tea. I plan to enjoy every last drop of winter before it's gone.