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Three Cheers for the Polar Bears!

Thanks to the nifty bulletin board in the waiting room at Earlybird's speech therapy, we Polar_bear2learned that February 27th, is International Polar Bear Day!

This probably explains why this week's Mini Page was all about polar bears. (Do you get one of those in your local paper? Check and see; I'll bet you do! My boys enjoy these kid-friendly news articles very much.)

Naturally, Crackerjack immediately suggested a cake was in order, by which we might honor these beautiful, almost endangered creatures. Bookworm took the idea one step further, recommending a chocolate cake with white frosting since polar bears have black skin and white fur. Or, technically, he clarified, translucent fur which appears white (or ivory as the case may be) due to its light reflection. A distant bell was ringing in my memory, but I had to look it up to be sure (Bookworm was right, but in my defense his brain cells are fresher):

"Polar bears have clear hairs with shiny surfaces. Since the hair reflects light, the bears look white to us. The white-looking fur helps camouflage the bear, or helps it blend in with its surroundings. The bears have black skin that also absorbs the heat of the sun. The bottom layer of their hairs is oily and water-resistant." ~ Betty Debnam, The Mini Page

Well, there you go. Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting sounds just about perfect for our polar bear celebration! :)

If you, too, are interested in a quick polar bear study tomorrow, here are a few places to check out:

And a book to read:

And speaking of Jan Brett AND polar bears - mark your calendars, my friends, for her new book The Three Snow Bears will come out this September!

Have fun!

*Endearing mama and cub photograph by Flip Nicklin, for National Geographic, Near Wager Bay, Canada, 1996