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What is Lent?

Lent is a season, a journey, a fast before the Feast ...

Lent is a time for lots of things ~ some personal, some communal, all beautiful when done with love.

Lent is ...

Six weeks to explore and embrace our Faith.

Forty days to make memories with our children.

A month and a half to grow closer to God.

Purple, where before there was green.

Something given up.

Something extra given.

An alms box on the family table.

Pancakes and funny masks on Shrove Tuesday.

Morning Mass and fasting on Ash Wednesday.

A farewell to the Alleluia.

A crown of thorns to remind us of His suffering, a way to help ease His burden.

Pretzel-making with the children.

Stations of the Cross at home and at church.

Homemade bread and fish on Fridays.

Daffodils for St. David.

Special things to read, an extra devotion to practice.

A journal for thoughts on the journey.

Shamrocks and soda bread, The Lorica on St. Patrick's Day.

A pause on Laetare Sunday to rejoice!

Donuts for Daddy on The Feast of St. Joseph.

Handmade Easter cards - making a few every day.

A nature walk on the Equinox, looking for signs of life.

The Annunciation of Our Lord - The Angelus and crumb cake for tea.

A time to simplify and donate, in advance of Holy Week cleaning.

Gathering pussy willows for Palm Sunday.

A quiet sunrise - watching the growing light without, feeling it within.

Crocus appearing in the patchy snow, buds forming on branches, the barren earth turning green ...

The promise of Life after death.


Lent is all these things and yet, so much more. For more ideas and thoughts on the season, please stop by Nissa's Simple Gifts and These Forty Days on Monday for the Loveliness of Lent.

Whatever you do and however you observe, I wish you a blessed Lenten season.