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Happy Candlemas!

Things that make you go hmmm ....

Here is what I found when I was out filling the birdfeeders just now:


Is it:

  • A. fox fur?
  • B. cat fur?
  • C. a very large woolly bear caterpillar?

All these things ran through my head, but upon closer inspection, I realized it is the tip of our darling Red Tail's missing tail! Remember we noticed his injury the other day? Well, here's the shocking evidence of the recent attack.

Thankfully we found it after we had already seen Red Tail with the injured tail. If we hadn't seen him before this (in fact we saw him at breakfast), we would certainly be fearing the worst.

Of course the boys' immediate reaction was "Cool!" They wanted me to bring it in as a keepsake ....

A keepsake?!? Um, no.

I mean for one, where would we "keep" it? It's not exactly something we'd glue in our nature notebook!

And for two, shouldn't we wait until it is less, well, fresh, for lack of a better word?

Am I right? Any thoughts on this anyone? Any taxidermists out there, lol? Are we talking probable germs, possible disease or just run of the mill yuckiness?

Fascinating though this is - the fur is indeed the very richest shade of red - this type of thing falls into the Daddy Department. ;)

So we put a call into Bill at work (he just loves these kinds of calls) to tell him all about our discovery (reassuring him at the outset that Red Tail is OK). His immediate reaction was:

"What a cool keepsake!"

As I said, Daddy Department. Things that make you go hmmm ...