The Loveliness of Saint Patrick's Day
Weekend Ramblings


So instead of working in my weekly planner like I should be, I find myself "researching" all kinds of links for today, tomorrow and all of next week! And now what else can I do but pass it on?

~ Today, Saturday, is National Mario Day, a day for all folks, (presumably boys), named Mario. Bookworm read about it in a Disney magazine and got all excited thinking it had something to do with THE Mario, but apparently it's as simple as the date itself: March 10. (Get it? MAR10?) Silliness. Anyways, we're having Italian for supper tonight. :)

~ Later tonight we turn the clocks forward. Don't be late for church Sunday morning!

~ Monday is National Organize Your Home Office Day, (which in my case would be the whole house), but what a great day to clean out the learning room! The boys can spiff up their school bags while we're at it.

~ March 13th (Tuesday) is the date the Planet Uranus was discovered. Well, you know how we feel about the planets around here. Here's a whole bunch of information!

~ Wednesday (3.14) is National Pi Day. We might read Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, eat a pizza pie for lunch and have pie for dessert (remembering to stick a candle in it for Albert Einstein's birthday). It also happens to be National Potato Chip Day, and what goes better with pizza than chips?

~ On Thursday, beware the Ides of March. Might be a good day to look for those lucky shamrocks ...

~ I didn't come across anything specific for Friday, the 16th of March, but while googling around I did find this neat site, a terrific history resource called "Today in History" at The Library of Congress. From the site: "Today in History mines the American Memory historical collections to discover what happened in American history today ... and every day." Kind of a neat bookmark to check in with now and again! 

~ And of course, Saturday needs no introduction ... it's none other than St. Pat's!

Sure 'N Begorrah, I hope you have a wonderful week!