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Oldies but Goodies

Jennifer posted this morning about some of her favorite childhood books. Well, that sent me scurrying back down to the basement to see what else I could dig up. How happy I was to find these, battered but beloved, story books:


On the right is The Giant All-Color Book of Fairy Tales; it is literally falling apart. I'm not surprised given how much I read those stories. All the classics are in there, illustrated in what I would say is a very 60s/70s artistic style. Some of the stories were cheerful, many were haunting - all were memorable. Here is a page from "The Tin Soldier." This picture is so vivid:


Now, The Uncle Wiggly's Story Book resided at my grandparents' house (which was like a second home to me, I was there so often). I remember sitting on their divan (it was never a couch, it was always a divan) reading Uncle Wiggly before bed. Years ago, after I had children, my grandmother sent it home with me. Do you know I have not yet started reading it to my children? Well, I'll just have to see about that. (And I am thinking this would be a lovely Easter gift for my boys!) There are no pictures inside to show you, but there is this, which is even better:


This was written by my grandfather, in his beautiful penmanship. Goodness, I miss him.

So what are your favorite childhood books? Jennifer started the conversation over at her place - pop on over and let her know!