Still Winter Here ...

Old Cats + Surgery = Worry

Prayers + An Excellent Vet = No More Worry. :)

As some of you know, two of my (three) cats had surgery yesterday. Thankfully, they did fine. It was only a dentistry, but at their age (16 next month) the surgery is kind of risky. They each had four teeth pulled - ouch! (Did you know cats have molars - uppers I believe - with three roots? These would be the ones that had to be yanked.) The cats had a bumpy night, but bounced back (figuratively speaking) today.

And say, it's been a while since I've posted cat pictures (what's it been, like 2 weeks, lol?) ... so here they are. :)


This is my calico, Penny (full name Moneypenny). She was enjoying a quiet spot in front of the fire.


And here we have Smokey (better known as Pooch - I have no idea where we got that nickname from). He is a long haired black cat. He loves to snooze in the sunshine.

I had to dig up a picture of Midget lest he feel left out. Here he is loving up his boy. :)


Speaking of tooth extractions, Bookworm has an appointment with the oral surgeon tomorrow to have FIVE teeth pulled. Please, if you would, say a little prayer for his comfort and courage tomorrow (and maybe one for my nerves as well). :)

Thank you friends, and have a good night!