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Spring Things

Roses for Mary, Rocks for the Pond ...

"Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb." (Luke 1:42)


Ah, Monday morning ... a new homeschooling week and a beautiful Feast day upon us.

Feast typically brings to mind the image of much food and frivolity, and, while it can certainly mean both these things - and more - on occasion, many's a feast when just a few simple things bring a touch of grace to our homeschooling day.

Such was the case, today.

To begin with, because we are home in the mornings, our day unfolded rather nicely. We took our time waking up. (Thanks to Earlybird, I am always given a three hour head start, lol). I nursed my coffee and asked the boys if they remembered what day it was. We'd talked a bit ahead, and so yes, they remembered - the Feast of the Annunciation.

"Waffles!" yelled Crackerjack.

Laughing, I reminded him that we needed Daddy's help setting up the new wafflemaker (waffles are a traditional feast food). CJ was satisfied instead with PB&J Nutrigrain waffles, but the boys were surpised by the mini crumb cakes I set out at the end of breakfast! (Round coffee cakes are another traditional food on this day.)

On display at the head of our home learning table we found our morning read aloud and this month's artwork from CHC's Liturgical Masterpieces. We read the story of The Annunciation as presented in Tomie dePaola's Mary: The Mother of Jesus - or rather, I read while the boys munched away on their crumbcakes.

Just before we began math, we remembered to light the candle in our prayer corner ...


It glows at the foot of our Blessed Mother statue and beside Earlybird's Hail Mary board book. We made this candle back in October, when we celebrated the Feast of the Angels; the blue ribbon symbolizes Gabriel, who visits Mary in today's Gospel story.


Later, on our way home from speech, we stopped by church to bring roses to Mary. There is a beautiful statue of Our Lady beside a small pond, and we like to visit it on Marian feasts. This is the first time Earlybird has ever done this. Usually he's too likely to run near the street, but today he did well.

"Who's that?" I asked EB, pointing to the statue as we pull in.

"Ma-yeeee," he said.


It was a good start, but EB dropped his rose immediately upon exiting the van and made a bee-line for the water. He promptly began tossing in any stray piece of foliage or debris he could find. Once he began with small pebbles, Bookworm, Crackerjack and I said a short prayer and placed our roses by the edge of the pond. Just as EB heaved one of the small flagstones into the water I decided five minutes devotion was better than none, and we headed home for lunch.


They were such lovely five minutes, though, on this quiet March morning. A little hectic, keeping the boys focused and the rock tossing down to a minimum. The wind was quite chilly, but the van was nice and toasty when we got back in. We took the long way home, as EB called out:

"Ma-yeee rocks!"

Yes, my love. In her own beautiful and gentle way, Mary does, indeed, rock. :)

It is now eveningtime and we've finished our lessons for the day. Bill is home, the house is filled with the good smells of supper and the rain is falling hard against the windows. It really was such a nice day, and celebrating our faith took no more than a few simple gestures, a few familiar words.

Days like these are sweet blessings. Simple but memorable. Easy but meaningful. As I turn in tonight, I will say a prayer of gratitude for these "everyday" days of my life. And I will say a prayer that each one of you has a peaceful and blessed tomorrow.

Good night!