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Morning in Boston

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a 4Real friend - for real!! Angela and her family were in Boston for a few days, and before they left town, we headed in to meet up with them!

Below you see some of our children. They had a blast together! While the grown-ups spent about two hours chatting over coffee, the kids just made up their own fun.


Their game seemed to involve lots of hiding behind potted plants and spying on passersby, as well as much close inspection of the revolving doors and escalators!


It was so cute to see this bunch of young ones - never having met before - just strike up and play like they'd known each other for years. Kids are like that, don't you think? They all talk the same language.


Not surprisingly, it was very much like that for Angela and me, too (minus the running and hiding, of course). We've known each other through the 4Real Forums and our blogs for some time now, but this was the first time we really got to talk. And I think we could've talked for many hours more! It was so nice meeting Angela, her husband Andy, and their wonderful children - can't wait for the next time they're in town!

And you know, speaking of town, we really don't get into Boston too often - OK hardly ever - we basically drive through on the way to somewhere else!

So I thought up a fun little thing. While Bill and I start planning some excursions, the boys and I will "explore" Boston at home. I started a small basket of books about our fair city (see sidebar at right). Some of these titles we have and some we'll borrow from the library. I thought a fun project would be to have the boys work on making up a "Welcome to Boston" brochure - a highlight of history and fun places to go. Maybe before too long it will be ready to mail to family and friends around the country, so that they might tuck it away in case they ever visit Boston one day.

Until then, here are some photos from our brief, but happy, morning in Boston yesterday ... 


This doesn't look like much, but in the distance you see the Boston skyline beginning to take shape, and the bold lines of the Leonard Zakim Bridge. At this point we are passing through Charlestown - the U.S.S. Constitution is on our left, Bunker Hill to the right - just outside of Boston proper.


This is the view looking south (I think!) as we are standing in front of the Aquarium. I took this picture because it was here we first met another 4Real friend, MacBeth and her kids last summer. How different it looks in early March!


This is the Imax theatre outside the Aquarium. We thought about catching a movie there, but two were too scary (lions and sharks) and the third we'd seen (deep sea).


Here is The New England Aquarium - a must-stop for visitors to Boston. We haven't been in years!


This doesn't show much, but Bookworm liked this shot - this is his most favorite restaurant in the world. (It's a chain around New England.) As you might guess, they serve awesome sea food. (He loves the fried calamari!)


Again, not much to see here, but this is a landmark for me - Boston Sand & Gravel has been here since I was little, it's right at the juncture of all major arteries leading into town. When I see this, I know we're in town.


No collection of Boston photos are complete without a shot of road construction, lol. Even to someone like me, who hardly ever gets down off the expressway, it seems enormous and never-ending. I found a book all about the Big Dig: Re-Shaping an American City as well as one called Beneath the Streets of Boston: Building America's First Subway. Both of these will be interesting to read in conjunction with our earth study next month (dirt/ground/construction). I may even be ready to brave a ride on the subway by then!

One last shot, this one looking up ... 


The Custom House, or as Bookworm says, Boston's Big Ben!

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for stopping by! :)