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Button, Button ...

Two quick things before bed:

A reminder that Field Day: The Early Spring Edition will run this Friday, April 13th. (I told you I'd be nagging reminding you!) There's still ample time to get me a post or a picture about nature. Anytime up till Thursday evening (say 8-ish), is fine, though you know I'll surely make room for any latecomers! Check out my original post with all the details here, or you can click on the button on the right and that will take you there, too. By the way, help yourself to that button, to use as part of your post or to help spread the word. :)

In more button news, just below Field Day is the 2006 Homeschool Blog Awards button. It, too, is a link - one that will take you over to the voting page. I am humbled and honored that my blog has been nominated for a few awards: blog design, crafts/projects/plans, encourager and (goodness) super homeschooler. (I feel a little funny mentioning which awards, but there are many categories ... and I figure, if you were so inclined to vote for my blog, you'd probably want to know where to look!) Again, I say a BIG thank you to my nominators! Happily, many of my friends have also been nominated and ... I now have many new blogs to explore! And I must say the Awards site itself it just amazing - it's like a shiny, well-oiled machine over there. Voting ends Friday!

Allrighty, so that's it for the buttons for now! Take care, all!