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Everyday Nature: Looking under Leaves

Back to Business!

After a long and happy Easter break, we are back at lessons today. I'm so ready! I think the boys are too. Our learning room no longer resembles a small restaurant - this morning it's back to all business! (Well, except for the part where we watch the Red Sox home opener this afternoon!)

The table and chairs have been wiped down, the book display has been refreshed, the tote bags hauled back out to their stations - even the bulletin board is renewed!

Here's how the learning room looks early this morning:


Sorry for all the glare - this room is full of windows and gets a lot of light!


Above you see what we did with the Alleluia letters - we made a golden banner! It will hang over our learning/dining table the whole Easter season. (I used a hot glue gun to adhere the letters to the ribbon, but notice the dangly last letter? The hot glue ran out at that point, lol!)


Our prayer corner has some leftover Easter roses, our crucifix, a candle and a holy card. This coming Sunday's gospel theme is peace, and we will be discussing the dove, as a symbol of both peace and the Holy Spirit. 


Our weekly bulletin board has just one item so far, a representation of April's devotion, The Blessed Sacrament. This will tie in nicely with our final preparations for CJ's First Holy Communion. (The craft is a small construction paper circle with a red cross drawn on it, set against a golden doiley.) I will fill in the rest of the board later today.

And here's a look at our next week (or two). There's a lot here, so surely some of it will spread into next week:


  • Saxon Math 7/6 (BW) - daily lesson
  • Seton Math 2 (CJ) - daily assigned pages
  • Little Folks Number Practice (EB)
    • Math-related board books


  • BW
  • CJ
    • Language of God A
    • My Catholic Speller A
    • Devotional Stories for Little Folks
    • Basket of early readers
  • EB
    • Speech at home and therapy
    • Book basket this week (new selections)
      • Work on attention
    • Little Folks Letter Practice
    • Alphabet flash cards


  • Story of the World 2: Chapter 26 "France and England at War"
    • Read, narrate and answer review questions.
    • Mapwork
    • Joan of Arc: The Lily Maid (read aloud; on order)
    • Find out when Saint Joan's Feast Day is ...
    • Make a holy card from an online image, preferably something medieval.
    • I might preview this movie from the library.
  • Check out Monticello website on Friday, Thomas Jefferson's birthday.
    • Contemplate: "No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Science/Nature Study:

  • Watch PBS documentary on plight of ocean animals.
  • Discuss environmental messages in Happy Feet.
  • Begin new element for April: dirt (earth/soil)
    • What is the earth crust made up of?
    • What happens under the earth - by nature and man?
      • Dig and look!
      • Watch road construction on our street (how timely!).
    • Check on our compost pile; read about composting.
  • Look for deer tracks in mud behind fence.


  • Thursday Tea: Peace be with You!
    • Read Sunday's gospel (Jn 20:19-31)
    • Bake peace cookies (almond sugar cookies, cut into dove shapes)
    • Make a "peace be with you" banner
    • Do a dove coloring page
    • Review sign of peace protocol - practice at dinner as a family.
    • Discuss the dove as symbol for peace and the holy spirit
  • Prepare for Divine Mercy Sunday (special red & white dinner)
  • April devotion: The Blessed Sacrament

Other Stuff:

  • CJ's first soccer game (ever!)
  • BW's Tweens Activity Night
  • Red Sox home opener!
  • My long-awaited haircut :)

Off to get started, now ... enjoy this beautiful spring day, everyone!