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Star Wars Style

It was late in the day. I'd had the flu all weekend. My hair was not, shall we say, looking its best.

I was picking up some toys in the boys' room when Crackerjack casually mentioned to me that his favorite part in Star Wars is when Anakin wins the pod race.

"Yes, that's a very exciting part," I replied to CJ, turning to leave the room.

"You know, Mama," he called after me, "Your back hair looks just like Qui-Gon Jinn's."

Um ... what?

First, let me clarify, he was talking about my hair in the back, (not my back hair, of which I have none, I assure you). I happened to have pulled the sides back into one of those handy-dandy cloth-scrunchy things.

Secondly, I should point out that Qui Gon Jinn is a Jedi Master (played by actor Liam Neeson) appearing in, if memory serves, one of the more recently filmed Star Wars movies, The Phantom Menace.

Thirdly, let me also just say that, though I might have recently agreed to carry a pink light saber should the occasion warrant it, "Jedi Master" is not the look I go for, even on a bad day, such as it was.

(I'm not saying the look's not right for someone else - it's just not me.)

Naturally, I couldn't let this end there.

"Hey, CJ? If I were to play a character in Star Wars, who would it be?" (Keeping my fingers crossed it would be someone female, or at the very least someone human.)

"Oh, for sure you'd be Luminara," he replied without hesitation.

"And Luminara would be a ... ?"

"A Jedi Knight, Mama. She's really cool!"

OK, so this was good news. Female and cool.

Could a mother ask for anything more?


PS: It seems a fitting endnote to leave you with this tip I just got at Mary G's (who got it at Mary M.'s): The USPS is issuing a new Star Wars stamp this May in celebration of the movie's 30th anniversary. Go here to vote for your favorite image. I don't see Luminara represented (or Qui-Gonn Jinn for that matter), so I guess I'll just vote for Yoda. :)