Nature Study: What Are Your Questions?
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Dear Morning Moments

We were up later than usual this morning, having stayed up quite late last night. We straggled out of bed, one by one, around 6 a.m. (Don't laugh - that's late for us!)

As is our routine, we congregated in the family room which was filling with soft morning light. Our attention was drawn to the out-of-doors, to the still and serene backyard - and we had to rub our sleepy eyes to focus on the lovely site just outside:


A beautiful deer! It was eating grass, twitching its ears and flicking its tail -  gorgeous! - and here I was in the doorway trying to get a good picture through the glass, when it suddenly startled and ran off to the left, into the woods.

We all ran to the back windows, to follow its path, and realized there were three more deer, and they were directly behind our house! Oh, the close-ups I could have been getting had I looked out these windows first! One deer was quite small and speckled ~ a fawn, perhaps?

Ah, well. We watched them leap off into the woods, grateful for that sweet, brief encounter. They stood at a distance out in the woods, just looking back at our house (right at us, it seemed), with the sun beginning to pore through the branches behind them ... it was quite a sight to behold! What a way to start the new day!

As the boys made their way towards the kitchen for breakfast, I made my rounds of the "bird windows," and was delighted to watch a pair of cardinals taking their own breakfast under the cherry tree!

These photos (taken through a screened window) are terribly blurry, but I had to post them, just to show you our sweet pair.


If you squint a little, you can just make out the female standing behind the male. They were pecking seeds off the ground (where I spilled a considerable amount yesterday while filling the feeders). Watching closely, I realized he was pecking seeds and feeding her!

You can just make out the tender kiss they shared in this picture below:


Actually, I'm sure you probably can't, but she is just behind him in this picture and he is placing a seed in her beak. It was the dearest thing.

All of this happened within 10 minutes of waking, and it only underscored a few of the points we discussed at my nature study meeting last night. I have some pictures and notes to share, but will have to wait until later today to do so. We're off to speech bright and early this morning.

Thank you to everyone who left comments and questions about nature study yesterday. I think I will begin a series of posts in which we address your various thoughts and queries. It would be fun to share ideas and suggestions with each other!

In the meantime, as always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read, and have a great morning!