Little Crafts for a Big Day
Easter Joy!

What we found when we looked ...

... under those leaves, like I talked about yesterday. I have to admit, I got a bit ahead of myself on that one. Because it wasn't what we found that made news, it was what we didn't.

Zip, zip, zippo, as Crackerjack said.

Nope, not a whole lot of anything going on under there. Just a lot of dry dirt, old leaves, cracked and scaly seed hulls and, pardon my French, cat droppings.

(Darn neighbor cat.)

So we didn't so much "muck around" out there as scuffle. Things are still pretty dry and cold. So, we note the conditions in our nature notebooks, and we wait a bit longer.


The boys did very much enjoy the investigation, as well as the cool air and bright sunshine. It's wonderful to "do" science out in our backyard while a robin hops by but a few feet away and the woods are whispering their spring song.

But you know, I was hoping for more. We are on the brink of yet another little snowstorm here (we won't mention the nor'easter due Monday), and we really could have stood to find something under there. More than that one tiny wiggly thing. Some little bits of life to encourage us that, truly, spring is here. Somewhere around here. I was sure of it.

So that's the lesson for today, my friends. We must have faith. And we must find the beauty in the here and now. It's the gift we've been given today.

Looking back over our photos we realized there's not a whole lot of color here. Mostly browns, and pale shades of green. But that's exactly the palette of early spring in New England. We won't see bursts of bright color till May when the lilacs and azaleas and cherry trees begin to bloom. And when it happens, it will be a feast for hungry eyes.

For now, we will content ourselves with the subtle signs of earliest springtime.


Tiny ferns growing under the leaves! So pale and lovely.


New chrysanthemum shoots finding their way to the sun.


Tiny but mighty crocus shoots! Theyr'e lifting the mulch as they grow!


The one wiggling thing we found - some kind of beetle larva, we guess.


No idea - but we love the color - like purple cabbage!

That's the thing about nature. You can't package it up all neat and tidy. Sure the calendar says April 12, but nature ... well, it's just going to do it's own thing, isn't it?

On the positive side, we are home today, and we have our Thursday tea planned. On Thursdays we read the Sunday gospel and eat some cookies and drink some tea or cocoa. I was hoping by now we'd have moved onto lemonade, but no such luck. No, a hot cup of cocoa sounds just about right. I think I will whip up a cup of spring cocoa - it's white and creamy and hot and just right for a blustery April afternoon.

In the meantime, please remember that Field Day is tomorrow! I am busily working on my post and having a grand time reading all of yours! Thanks to all who have sent me an entry - you make Field Day what it is! If you'd like to participate, you still have plenty of time - I'll be working late (ish) into the night. ;)

Also, tomorrow is the last day for voting at The 2006 Homeschool Blog Awards. When you stop over there, please read this post first, and keep Heather in your prayers. She needs them dearly.

Blessings to you, my friends. Breathe in, have faith and go give your loved ones a hug.