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A Hummingbird!

A BIG Post about CJ's BIG Day!


It finally arrived ~ Crackerjack's First Holy Communion! I'd like to share some lots of photos with you from his BIG day ...

How happy those early moments were as the church bells were ringing and the families were filing in ~ faces beaming, exchanging excited hello's and how-have-you-been's. All the children looked splendid in their special day finery. CJ wore the beige suit worn by his big brother just four years ago.

And speaking of his big brother ...


A few minutes later, my dad snapped a picture of us in the pew:


The children making their FHC today each were assigned a pew, and at the end of each pew their personal banners were hung - the ones we made a few weeks back. They really looked lovely! Each one was unique and thoughtfully made. I'm happy to report CJ's withstood the storage - nary a sequin or felt shape was misplaced.

Father's homily had the children laughing and quite involved. At one point several children were brought up in front of the altar (CJ included - he never misses an opportunity to participate) and asked to hold various items that one would bring camping. It might sound like a curious homily, but Father made a wonderful and memorable point.

Watching these dear children receive the Blessed Sacrament for the very first time - hands folded, faces upturned - was just so beautiful. This picture was taken at the very end of Mass, when the children performed their special Trinity Song, the one they sang at the beginning of each class throughout the year.


Before we headed home, CJ got to speak with our Pastor for a few minutes. Don't you just love the panel on the front of his chasuble? Especially chosen for today, I would presume!


Back at home it was time to celebrate with family and friends! Not surprisingly, the jacket quicky came off.


Today, CJ has the whole world in his hands!


Here are my boys with two of their best friends, Curran and Abby. Their mom, Lisa, one of my best friends, helped out immensely today, watching Earlybird for us, and getting that casserole in the oven at 10 a.m. sharp! :)

Here's how the cake and punch table looked (not shown is the banner stretched across the windows):


A close up of the cake ...


... which was rather humble and homemade - but yummy!


CJ requested a "Strawberry Sherbet Punch," so I made something up. Doesn't a punch just make a party? CJ was so surprised by the dove!

The rest of our meal was comprised of glazed kielbasa, Brunch Casserole (eggs-cheese-bread-tomatoes - positively NO calories, lol), fruit salad, angel food cake with whipped cream ...


... and of course lots of freshly brewed coffee.

After a while, CJ kicked back and relaxed. Here he is with his great-grandmother, Damee:


And hanging out with his great Uncle George:


Many of our family members could not make it today, due to a college graduation and a long-planned vacation. CJ missed them all, but knew in his heart how many people were thinking of him, praying for him, and just loving him all up today.   

It is now late afternoon, and Earlybird and Bill are both napping. The older two boys and I are curled up on the couch, enjoying these quiet Sunday afternoon hours. The rain is still steady, but the sun keeps breaking through brightly. (We're on rainbow watch, lol!)

Thank you so much for sharing in our day. I hope you all had a nice weekend, too! See you sometime tomorrow. :)