Cupcakes and a Craft for Pentecost
A Sunday Hello!

This, That and the Other Thing ...

I am sitting here positively parked beneath the living room air-conditioner because it is brutally hot out today. (Ninety-two degrees brutal, my window thermometer says, which by the way, is in the shade.) I have a few things to share with you before I go on a semi-holiday-weekend-blog-break beginning tonight. Just a few notes and pictures, rolled into one rather long and random post ...

Sharing the Cupcake Love

Since my family of five can never eat all the cupcakes I bake in one batch (well, possibly we could, but it might not be wise), we saved some of yesterday's treats to give away to friends. A while back I found some neat cupcake liners and matching boxes at Target, and about a week ago I received the naturally colored sprinkles I ordered for EB. It all matched so nicely I couldn't resist a picture:


And today we decided to package one up to bring to EB's speech therapist:


These boxes are such a great idea! Though I'd love them in plain white so we could decorate them in our own way with designs or perhaps stickers for the season. Either way, though, they make a tidy little treat - fun as gifts or even party favors. I'll bet these were thought up by some marketing strategist who noticed the recent popularity of cupcakes at bakeries and bookstores. Personally, I confess cupcakes to be my most favorite food on the planet - my ultimate comfort food. They're just the right size and conjure up all kinds of happy childhood memories. How does that saying go? "Richer than me you'll never be, for I had a mother who baked?" :)

I have to tell you, EB did very well with this "bringing and giving of the cupcake." Six months ago, I probably would have hesitated to have him do this. It would have too likely become an issue - the emotions would run too high. He'd be all excited to give it, then he wouldn't want to give it - he'd hand it over, then he'd want it back. Any number of little problems could have cropped up, and that's not what you want when your child is preparing for therapy. Better to keep things simple.

But EB's made nice progress with language, patience and social skills, so I figured why not give it a whirl. He helped me package it up and he carried it all the way from house to van to waiting room (at which point it was briefly left on a chair). He did try to open the box once or twice but I reminded him that he wanted to keep it closed tight so it would stay fresh. This seemed reasonable to him (in the past, it might have sparked a fit). And when his therapist walked in to get him, he ran over to her, grinning ear to ear, box in hand and said, "Here you go!"

Well done, EB. :)

Easy-Peasy Breakfast Popsicles


Completely obvious idea, but I'm sharing it anyway. Today I froze Tropical Blend Vruit in our popsicles molds so that tomorrow morning we can enjoy our morning juice outside on the deck. (I would have liked to freeze a smoothie, but pressed for time, I grabbed the prepared juice.) Kind of a fun way to kick off the holiday weekend, and celebrate the warmth and ease of mornings these days. :)

Could be a Great Crested Flycatcher?

You knew you couldn't get too far without another new-bird-in-the-shrubs picture from me. We just spied this fellow a few minutes ago and we think he might be a Great Crested Flycatcher! These pictures are so blurry, I apologize, but it's the best I could do. I am posting them mainly to remind myself of what he looked like. (And in case he looks familiar to anyone.)


He had a crested grayish head, and was kind of yellowish all over but with brownish wings and a soft red tail. His shape was distinctly different from a cardinal - but his head reminded me of a phoebe, the only other flycatcher with which I'm at all familiar.


Below you see the bird books opened to the pages we consulted:


This is quite exciting - so many new species in so few weeks!

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away ...

In case you hadn't heard, today is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars! Wow, that makes me feel ... well, not young, lol Sometime this weekend, we'll make a batch of popcorn and watch the original movie with the boys. (I hesitate to say the first movie, because Bookworm always points out that technically, the first movie is really the fourth movie, and if you're a Star Wars fan, you know what I mean.) I'm sure Crackerjack will dig out all his Star Wars action figures and before the weekend is over we'll see a light saber duel or two.

Speaking of movies, Bill and I will be going to see the new Pirates movie sometime this weekend (can't wait!). And speaking of Crackerjack, he's all excited because I am taking him to Target tomorrow where he will be allowed to buy a toy with some of his First Communion gift money. Goodness - will he pick an action figure or a matchbox car? Pokemon cards or a Lego? Oh, my he can hardly wait!

Well, I must wrap up and let you get on with your wekeend. :) I can hardly believe it's Memorial Day already. I can remember growing up, during the week leading up to the holiday, my grandma always made the rounds of the family cemeteries. I often went with her, and we'd water the plants, add a few new ones, and tidy up the area around the graves. It wasn't sad or spooky to me - on the contrary, I enjoyed the visits because grandma told me all kinds of family stories, and I enjoyed them very much. I especially loved hearing about her life growing up with eight siblings, the Great Depression and what it was like when she was a young mother. I think I'll plan a visit to see Gram this weeked. She doesn't get out much, but at 93, her stories are still as wonderful as ever.

I hope your weekend is just lovely! Happy Friday!