Night News & Nature Notes (etc.)
Oh, Good - a Meme!



My parents were very kind to let me borrow their camera while mine is in the shop (i.e. waiting to be taken apart one more time by Bill before we decide if it is really and truly a goner). As you can see, however, I have yet to get the hang of their particular camera. I can't tell you how many pictures I took of this tiny butterfly - but it was a lot - and this was the clearest shot.

I did a bit better with this tiny bumblee:


(He is there ~ you just have to look for him!)

Well, now that I am mostly convinced that I am in need of a new camera, I need to think about what kind to get. Replace the old one? Try something new? I really loved the way my camera worked, but lately I had been wishing for a tighter zoom. I seem to be spying birds further into the woods and yesterday there was the neatest spider web suspended between two branches way up high in the tree canopy - the morning light was cascading down through it, highlighting the intricately woven strands. So beautiful!! I took some pictures but ended up with nothing to show:


If you look really closely, you might be able to see it. It's hanging just to the left of that center branch, the one splashed by the sun.

Anyway, I can't complain, can I? When you can spend time meandering about your garden, taking pictures and gazing off into the woods, you really can't complain about much. No, you thank your lucky stars for thoughtful parents, a patient husband, a life that you love and a memory that still serves you well.

It's all good. :)