Oh, Good - a Meme!
Poetry Friday: If by Rudyard Kipling

Happy Summer!


If you notice, my Countdown Widget reads 0-0-0-0! It's time to update that to a Countdown-to-Autumn (my favorite season of all). But before I get ahead of myself, a bit about summer, which technically, begins at 2:06 this afternoon.

First off, how's the weather where you are today? (I'd love to know - leave a comment if you can!) Does it feel like summer yet? It is absolutey gorgeous here in my corner of New England today. Nice and warm - 78 degrees on the dot. And breezy - so breezy! We have every single window open and it's the most refreshing thing. I told the boys that we're changing the air today ~ we're letting out the spring and welcoming in the summer. It's like a wind tunnel in here, lol, but it's nice to air out the whole house in one fell swoop. I'm cleaning the windows too, to catch all that extra daylight. ;)

Secondly, did you see the space-station/shuttle flyover last night? So very, very cool. The viewing was even better last night than the night before. We also spotted a planet or two, some bats and fireflies, as well. Summer nights are the best.

Oh, also, this is short notice, but today at 1:55 p.m. the shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to return to earth.* I would guess most of the major news channels will show it live. We have the NASA channel here so that's where we'll tune in (I believe you can see it online; check their site). In fact we've set both our kitchen timers - one for the shuttle and one for the solstice. An exciting day all around. :)

So what will you do with all this extra sunlight today? Technically, today is the day the sun gives up it's reign and starts making more room for the night. Yes, from here on out, the days will actually be getting shorter. Maybe that's why summer seems to fly by?

We'll be having our Thursday tea this afternoon. I bought half-moon cookies (also called black-and-white cookies in some places) because they seemed to complement the light/darkness theme. Technically they'd probably suit an equinox better than a solstice, but I'm sure I won't hear any complaints. ;)


The white part also happens to mirror tonight's crescent moon!

We'll be reading ahead for Sunday ~ for Mass and the Nativity of St. John. St. John's Day is also celebrated as Midsummer all over the world with bonfires, special foods and stories. I have a nice book of Shakespeare for kids which recounts, in just a few pages, the well known tale of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I think I will read that aloud as we eat - maybe tomorrow, depending on time and attention spans. I also have a simple sun craft for the boys to work on, too, one I found in All Year Round. I'll try to post pictures when we're done.

Well, however you celebrate this most summery of all days, enjoy!

*Update: The shuttle landing has postponed till 3:30 p.m. due to cloud cover. Make that Friday. Thanks, Nancy!

*PS: Just to clarify - that top picture is not mine; it came with my computer as a sample. Lovely though, isn't it? :)