Friday Fun ...
Well, I could have told you that ...

More Friday Fun ...

I saw this meme just now at Matilda's and I had so much fun reading her answers, I decided to play along! :) I fear I won't be nearly as witty as she, but here are my answers all the same.

Have a lovely Friday evening, my friends. :)

A Picture of Now, Between Past and Future

1a. Describe your outfit.
Beige "comfy" shorts, light blue top, bare feet. :)

b. What associations does the main color invoke?
I feel very feminine in it. It's one of my favorite tops; you can see it here in this post.

c. Is there a memory associated with this outfit?

Not really, other than that post I linked above.

2a. Are you listening to music?
Yes  - well, sort of. It's the background music to a documentary about trolley trains.

b. Was this intentional?
No, just Earlybird's nightly request.

c. What does the music make you remember?
It's actually very lovely 1950's instrumental music which makes me nostalgic for a time I don't remember or to which I even belong. (I often think I was born too late.)

3a. Describe the objects within arm's reach.
A glass of really nice Chardonnay (it's Friday!), a stack of Mary Engelbreit magazines to look through (August/September and October/November issues going back to 1996), two favorite books A Blessing of Toads by Sharon Lovejoy and Autumn by Susan Branch, the ed. plan (due to be mailed tomorrow), my sweet little Penny, and the phone (which finally works!).

b. Choose one object and tell where you acquired it.
Oh, well, that would have to be A Blessing of Toads which is the loveliest nature book I have ever laid my eyes on - filled with charming essays, ideas and inspiration. It was a very thoughtful and generous gift from the author herself, and I will treasure it always.

c. On the whole, are the objects new (memory blank) or old (memory filled)?
Oh, I'm too gabby to summarize - the wine was purchased this evening (Bill surprised me), the ed. plan is hot off the presses, the phone is a bit old, the books are new within the past few months, and the magazines go back to the late 90's as I mentioned above ...

4a. What room are you in?
The dining room (aka the learning room).

b. To what extent is it yours?
Well, I do have a corner set up with my own bookcase and my tote bag and a computer area all to myself. In other words it holds more of my stuff than anyone's.

c. What kind of memories will you have in the future of this room
Oh, spectacular sunsets like the one we're watching tonight, lots of family meals, wonderful lessons learned all together, plenty of birds and small mammals spied through the windows ... Also lots of parties and gatherings, lights strung along the windows, an ever-revolving bulletin board and book display, a wall map that gets more interesting every year ...

5. What were you doing before starting this post and what would you like to do next?
I was pasting together a MAMMOTH nature photo post. Next I would like to watch TV with my honey and soon thereafter go to bed.

I will tag anyone who'd like to be tagged! Leave me a comment and I will visit your blog and tag you! :)