Little Nature Stories: Birds, Bugs and Berries ...
Fantastical Fun!

A Breakfast Guest

Here's a little nature story from this morning ... a tiny chipmunk at our front door!


I was just getting the boys their breakfast (organic toaster patries if you must know) when a flash of movement at the front steps caught my eye ... and there he was, this cute little chipmunk, perched on the corner of the top step!

Now usually chipmunks are pretty skittish around here, but this one sat quite still and as you can see I was able to take a very close picture! This was taken through the storm door so it's not as clear as it could be (you can see a bit of smudginess on his back), but still! I was thrilled he sat there so long - long enough that all three boys and I could cram into the doorway and ooh and aah and snap pictures.

I was particularly happy about this photo-op because I've had such a hard time photographing a chipmunk. We regularly have three, or sometimes four, of them under the feeders, but they blend in so well with the mulch I have not been able to get a clear shot.

This is probably the best I could hope for!