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Candle Comforts


In a recent post I mentioned our "storm candle tradition," and Lorri asked me to explain what I meant by that. So here's the scoop. :)

It's really such a simple little thing, but it's fun. Doesn't cost much or take much time, just a little forethought.

It all started years ago when I discovered a Yankee Candle variety called "Storm Watch." At the time I was a bit of a YC fan; I could spend ages perusing all the different colors, smells and themes. Nowadays, with EB's sensitivity to fragrance, we stick to unscented candles, but I still get excited when a new flyer comes in the mail - as the fall one did just the other day.

I remember it was the summer my dear cousin Kara was helping me with my baby Bookworm (who is now 12 so it has been a while!). As summers tend to be in New England, it was hot, humid and often thundery. As the skies darkened, we loved dashing home all together from the park or the bookstore to the quiet dark house and I would light a candle for the duration of the storm. It lent a cozy, protective air to the time it took for the storm to pass, while we tucked into snacks, hot cups of tea and the books we brought home from the store.

Years later, I have three growing boys and my mother's helper has just graduated college! But we continue our storm candle tradition every summer. On a steamy afternoon, as the first rumble peals off in the distance, the candle is lit. The original has long since burned down so each year I make up something new, usually starting with something I find in the basement. This summer I am using a canning jar with a pretty gingham (open) lid - and inside I slipped a small white tealight (unscented of course).

Like I said, it's a very little thing. But lighting a storm candle just makes homey days even homier ...

And all those little things get woven into blankets of memories, ones I wrap around my children as they grow bigger every day. You can be sure those fibers are woven tight ~ because these blankets are made to last generations. :)