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Themes and Plans for November

I've had this post in my draft folder since oh, August or so, but only recently have I thoroughlyChrysanthemumbasket warmed up to the idea of November! :) We've had some cool cloudy days up here in the northeast, so finally my thoughts are migrating to the holiday season ahead. It's now time to add November to the autumn themes and plans we've gathered so far (please see the new typelist on the righthand sidebar) ...

In the month of November the natural world slows down, but inside we are lighting our our candles, stoking the hearth and bustling about our kitchens preparing. It's our own last hurrah before the cold and quiet of winter sets in.

And so, here are some Themes and Plans for November ...


  • sad, sunken pumpkins on the doorstep
  • crunchy, frost-bitten grass
  • milky, gray skies
  • ice on the pond
  • the first flakes of snow
  • honking geese
  • the Full Beaver Moon (24)
  • mice making their way inside
  • squirrel dreys visible in the bare trees
  • wild turkeys on the move
  • deer in the yard on silent, misty mornings
  • birds at the feeders
  • slick moss and wet leaves underfoot
  • nature's hibernation underway ...
  • the Leonid meteor showers


  • brussels sprouts
  • beets
  • apples
  • winter squash
  • pears
  • oatmeal
  • hot cider
  • Indian pudding
  • soul cakes
  • pies of all kinds
  • turkey and all the trimmings
  • homemade cranberry relish
  • Scotch broth
  • buttery shortbread
  • popcorn by the fire
  • make ahead: Christmas fruitcake
  • eggnog!


  • All Saints Day (1)
  • All Souls Day (2)
  • Martinmas (11)
  • St. Elizabeth (17)
  • Christ the King (25)
  • St. Andrew (30)


  • lay in winter storm supplies
  • ready the car for winter roads and holiday travel
  • inspect/replace holiday decorations
  • place candles in the windows
  • stock the pantry (and root cellar if you have one)
  • stack the firewood
  • finish Christmas shopping
  • clean carpets
  • begin writing and assembling Christmas cards
  • clean dining room: china, crystal, silver, table linens
  • clean jewelry
  • organize holiday outfits


  • Daylight Savings Time ends (4)
  • pie contest at the Farm
  • Bonfire Night (5, UK)
  • Election Day (6)
  • Veteran's Day (11)
  • National Homemade Bread Day (17)
  • Thanksgiving Day (22)
  • Mum's (26)
  • Stir-it-Up Sunday (25)
  • Christmas magazines at the newsstands!
  • holiday decorations out and about
  • the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Rockefeller Tree lighting
  • hometown football game
  • The Bee Movie 


Field Trips:


  • fingerknitting
  • paper quilts
  • cocoa club*
  • pinecone people
  • a nest walk
  • indoor terrarium
  • putting the garden to bed
  • woodworking
  • stacking wood
  • a lantern walk at Martinmas
  • Thanksgiving potpourri
  • a grateful tree

You know, I always think I'm not going to have much to say, and then I just go right on and fill up that post box, lol! Sorry this got kind of long, but I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you. As always, I would love to hear about your favorite November things!