Pretty Autumn Things
Prayers, please ...

An apple by any other name ...


... would it taste as sweet?

Well that's what we aimed to find out! A recent thread at 4Real about favorite apples really got my wheels spinning (and my mouth watering!). The Macintosh has always been my hands-down favorite (the apple of my childhood, after all) but I was eager to try this new Honeycrisp I kept hearing about. I thought an apple taste test would be a fun project for the boys, so this weekend, between the farm and the organic market, we bought one of every kind of apple we could find. (There were actually more available but we kept it at 10.)

And yesterday, we washed them, polished them, labeled them and got down to work:


Back row, left to right: Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Red Delicious. Front row left to right: Fuji, Cortland, Macintosh, Macoun and Gala.

Our afternoon apple lab, quite scientific you know. :)


I found a neat apple graph worksheet here; it had exactly 10 columns. Once we were all set up, I began by slicing the first apple and each of us commenced testing.

We observed coloring inside and out, and checked for a good "apple-y" smell. (See, I told you this was scientific, lol.)


We then checked for texture (mushy or crisp), ascertained flavor (sweet or tart), and appraised outer skin characteristics (I was the only one who ate the skin, of course).


I scribbled down everything that the boys said (and I thought) about the apples, and we gave each variety a score between 1 and 5. It was quickly apparent we needed to give individual scores rather than a concensus however, so we averaged the scores for each apple at the end.


And guess which apple won? Well, please see our results below ...

Our taste test gave us much food for thought and much material for the compost pile!


Oh yes, and then later there was this ... Apple-Cranberry Crisp!


Farm fresh apples, local cranberries and lots of cinnamon-oaty goodness on top! This, by the way, is a recipe from Susan Branch's Autumn Book. Very easy to make and scrumptious with my new favorite ice cream. :)

Oh, yes, the results!

*Our Apple Taste Test Results (Varietal/Score/Remarks)*

Golden Delicious: 3 ~ "Kinda sour." "Firm and crunchy." "Sweet smell."

Honeycrisp: 2.6 ~ "Different." "Cereal-taste." "Juicy."

Granny Smith: 3 ~ "Hey, no smell!" "Green inside and out." "A little sour!"

Jonagold: 3.75 ~ "Meadowy." "Perfumey." "Bitter skin."

Red Delicious: 3 ~ "Mushy." "Bland." "Chewy skin." "Quite good!"

Gala: 4 ~ "No smell." "Kinda sour." "One of the best apples ever!"

Macoun: 4.83 ~ "Yummy." "Crisp." "Perfect!"

Macintosh: 4.6 ~ "Tastes like Fall!" "A bit tart." "Hard in a good way."

Cortland: 4.6 ~ "Nice smell." "Sparkly and white inside!" "Soft."

Fuji: 4.33 ~ "Golden flesh." "Very sweet!" "Very bland!" "Lovable!"

So there you have it folks: the Macoun took top honors! If you have a moment, let us know what your favorite apple is ... and if you're not sure, then a taste-test of your own is in order!