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November Home Learning Plans

Don't forget!

The Loveliness of Handmade Gifts is happening here in two days!

I have received a few submissions so far (and thank you very much!) but there is plenty of room for more! Please see my earlier post describing The Fair in full detail and how you can participate (whether you blog or not).

I had hoped to get my own creative juices flowing tonight at my homeschool group's craft circle, but alas, I've been waylaid by a lousy bout of food poisoning. (Ack, don't ask.) Instead, here I am mired in flannel and sipping ginger ale, while Bill (God bless him) works at home and tends to the kiddoes.

So consequently, I may not be back later today with another post, but I wanted to get the word out today that there's still plenty of time to send me something for The Fair! Remember, you can leave me a comment here, or send me something via e-mail (drhanigan AT comcast DOT net). I'd like all entries by Wednesday night, please. :)

Thanks, everyone. Stay well and keep warm!