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On the Agenda: Organizing!

I am SO looking forward to my homeschool support group's meeting tonight because we'll be discussing "organization," a favorite subject of mine. Our hostess graciously invited me to talk about how I use my file crate system to keep my family (somewhat, sometimes) organized and of course, I readily said yes!

I am always more than happy to talk about organization (a fact to which my archives attest) but I must admit that though I TALK a good deal about organizing, I'm not really a very organized person. I am, I would say, a person who is always striving to be organized, and I think (I hope!) that counts for something. Sure, I can keep my plates spinning up there with the best of them; but there are always more plates in the sink. ;)

One of the biggest issues I face (like most mums I'd say) is the paper issue - all the floaters and scraps and thoughts and plans that cross our path at any and all times. We're all so busy with so many things - it's too easy to forget an idea - or worse, a responsibility. I've found a combination of calendar, journal, and file crate to be helpful in keeping me on track. It is an imperfect system to be sure - and one I am always tweaking - so I hope to pick up some good ideas from the other mums at the meeting tonight! You never know what tip might be the last piece of your planning puzzle!

I'm bringing all those things - the crate, the calendar, the journal, etc. - with me tonight, but as back up, I'd like to have previous posts to refer back to. And that would explain all the links I've listed below ... :)


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(Of course the meeting is only a couple of hours long, so it's not likely we'll get to many of these posts.) ;)

Well, have a good night, everyone. Thanks to all who left get-well wishes for my boys; they are on the mend, to be sure. :) And now I'm off to get supper started  ~ baked ziti and garlic bread ~ and a hot coffee to go for me!