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To Thank You ...

It's a Book-Walk at Cay's!

So stop on by and throw your hat in the ring! By sending Cay your name and email Bookwalkmd_2_2address today, you stand a chance at winning one of three books! Now, I don't know just what books Cay is awarding - but I am sure any one of them will be a prize to treasure!

And speaking of treasures, this is a good opportunity for me to point out my new link to Christmas Mosaic, Cay's latest book! Look for the pretty green package over there on my righthand sidebar. :)

You might recall me mentioning Cay's earlier work, Catholic Mosaic from time to time ~ an invaluable resource for celebrating and understanding more about the liturgical year. Well, Cay's new book is destined to become equally beloved! Christmas Mosaic is an illustrated book study for Advent and Christmas, a program that will guide you and your children through the most beautiful weeks of the year!

It is more than just a book study, though! Oh to be sure, it's a booklist - and an amazing one at that, which in and of itself is worth its weight in gold - but there are also recipes and activities, reflections and reminscinces ... prayers, crafts and more! If you never even opened a book on the list, and just read through Cay's pages, you would come away inspired and eager to share the many blessings of the seasons with your family.

Inside Christmas Mosaic you will find ideas for:

  • Advent Week 1 (Decoration and Preparation)
  • Advent Week 2 (Giving, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas)
  • Advent Week 3 (Family, Hannukah)
  • Advent Week 4 (Nativity, Angels, Epiphany)
  • December birthday celebrations (and I have one in my family!)
  • A snowflake/winter reading discovery center
  • Craft ideas, recipes and coloring pages, too!

Honestly, as I have only had this book in my posession for a week now, I have just begun to sift through all the goodness inside. I have it open now at my workspace, and I am busily making notes for next week! I will of course be sharing with you all how we use this resource over the next month or more. And if you notice, just beneath the link to Christmas Mosaic (which will take you to the ordering page at Hillside Education), I have posted the books we'll be using for Week 1 of Advent; I will change these up as we move through the Christmas season.

Now, can I mention something else exciting about this book? :) Cay graciously invited several friends to write essays to be part of Christmas Mosaic. These are names I am sure you know from the blogosphere - friends old and new, whose words will ring welcome and true:

To say I was thrilled to be asked to participate in this project - to be part of this beautiful group of women - is the understatement of the year, and I am forever grateful to Cay for honoring me so!

Now, let me wrap this up so you can all get on with our day (as you well know, I tend to ramble when I'm excited about something!) and so you can get on over to Cay's Cajun Cottage and take your chance in the BookWalk

Good Luck! :)