November at Aquarium School
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The Clipboard Corner


A few pictures from my clipboard corner. :)

First of all, I'm so excited to see this clipboard thing (idea, system?) is helping some of my favorite bloggers! Check out Elizabeth's plans and Matilda's pictures! I'd love to hear from you if you are using the clipboard and/or file crate system. Let me know how it's working for you! :)

So the next piece of news is, I bought a new clipboard for myself last weekend. (That metal clamp with its sharp edges had me envisioning all kinds of potential injuries, most of them involving small bare feet). This new clipboard has a clear acrylic base with a smooth tension clamp and not a sharp edge to be found. I gussied it up today with some Susan Branch stickers (as you can see in the top photo).

And wonder of wonders, did you know you can hang the things up? I myself only discoverd this neat trick a few weeks ago at my homeschool support meeting (and then I promptly forgot about it). Luckily Matilda's post reminded me, so I stuck yet other thumbtack into the window frame (my poor husband) and checked it out! It hangs so neatly and now I see I could have relaxed a bit on the metal clamp issue. Hanging up here it should see little if any interaction with small bare feet. One would think.

Since we moved furniture around in this room after Thanksgiving (lost a sideboard, gained a bench and a tree), the worktable is once again next to the birdfeeder windows. This means two things: a. we will all be much more distracted from our lessons by birdwatching and tree-gazing, and b. I have a new little corner to set up!


Below you see my clipboard hanging up on its push-pin, along with the printouts and papers I needed for today. In the front are some random angel stickers I found and the small piece of paper I use for my daily to do list (a page-a-day tear-off). For the record, I do realize it's blank, but this does not mean I had nothing to do today. It just means I was too busy this morning to write my list out!


On the small table below I set up a small Christmas planning station: the steno notebook I covered in a Christmasy floral and I use it for all my holiday notes. (This took the place of the planner I never got around to organizing this year. I find this slim notepad very easy to pop in my bag when I'm going out and it has plenty of room for all the various holiday planning I need to do. (I always think I need to write down a lot more than I actually do.)


And then I have the card-writing basket. Remember that schedule I set up for myself (10 cards a night)? I'm already behind ...


Below the table I have my Christmas tote - which holds any catalogs I want to keep for online purchasing. I try very hard not to keep each and every catalog that arrives in the mail. Only the ones with tabbed pages (indicating a possible gift idea) go in this bag. I also keep Christmas idea books and special magazines in here, too.


And this final photo has nothing to do with my clipboard, but how cute is my cat? :)


And seeing as how it is 8 o'clock now, I'm thinking Midget has the right idea. :) Before I head off, though, I'm setting up my clipboard for tomorrow, including that little list of things to do. My day may start early, but it's always a better one when I've given it some thought the night before.

Well, I hope you all had a good day ~ see you again sometime soon!