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A Book Review (& Giveaway!)

One of my favorite ways to prepare for Christmas ~ sometimes even months in advance ~ is to read things that get me excited about the holiday season. There are so many resources out there ~ books, magazines and blogs! ~ and I am always on the lookout for something that imparts good ideas along with gentle inspiration, and I'm happy to tell you I have found just such a thing ...

I had the incredible honor of a sneek peek at A Recipe for Christmas Joy, an e-book written by Marybeth Whalen. A little over a week ago, Marybeth sent a copy my way, and at once (after a quick and excited look-through) I set it aside to enjoy after Thanksgiving.

Well, yesterday I sat down in my Christmas corner, with a cup of that delicious holiday tea I've told you all about (at least once!), carols were playing on the radio, and I just soaked in Marybeth's lovely words ...

There's just so much in here! You can find out more about ordering A Recipe for Christmas Joy by following the button on Marybeth's sidebar, but let me give you a peek as to what you'll find inside:

  • Keeping Christ at the center of the season.
  • Organizing tips and thoughtful to-do's week-by-week.
  • Activities for family fun and personal renewal.
  • Decorating and table-setting ideas.
  • Budget-saving strategies.
  • All kinds of homemade gift ideas.
  • Lots and lots of fabulous recipes!
  • Ways to make the holidays Holy days.
  • A New Year's celebration too!

Truly there is something for everyone in here! And though I've been reading Marybeth's book on my computer, I have just printed off all 73 pages to keep in a binder so I may return to it year after year. It is a keepsake, for sure. :)

Oh, this was such a treat! And as the sun went down, and the lights on the tree began to twinkle, I was left feeling refreshed and renewed. Knowing Marybeth from her blog, I have a feeling this is what she hoped to impart to her readers ~ and she does so with a generous heart and a graceful spirit.

And speaking of treats, I have one for you, too! Marybeth has generously donated a copy of A Recipe for Christmas Joy for me to raffle off too one of my blog visitors!! How fun!

Let's see, how about ~ if you would like a chance to win a copy of A Recipe for Christmas Joy, please leave me a comment below. This evening I'll put all the names in a basket and have the boys draw the winning name. I'll post the winner here before 9 p.m.!

Good Luck, everyone, and Happy Monday!