Comfort & Joy to You!
New Year's Notes ...

The Morning after The Big Day


This was meant to be a morning post (hence the title) but it has taken me all day just to finish it up! And now I'm too tired to think up a new title, lol. ;) It's been a fairly quiet day for us - we visited my grandmother mid-morning, and spent the balance of the day cleaning up, moving tables, eating leftovers, etc. But since our day did start very early I was able to catch the waning full moon as it sank in the western sky ... 

I'm never happy when the holiday is over and yet, there is something so lovely and restful about December 26th. It's a good day to catch my breath - to reflect on the Christmas that was, and to jot down ideas for next year. If I may, please let me share a few pictures from our Day yesterday ...a long day, but so much fun.

Here are the boys just moments after the big wake up. Dare I ask what time your children wake you on Christmas morn? Is it still dark when you rise, lol? ;)


We were very grateful that Crackerjack, who had been sick, woke up feeling A-Ok. No fever, tummy quiet - we breathed a collective sigh of relief: Christmas could proceed as originally planned. :)

After all the unwrapping, the boys dove into their gifts (and Bill began some assembly required) and I took a few moments to finish up the aunt-and-uncle gifts:


I really had fun with this packaging. The taller bags in back (just plain paper lunch bags tied up with burgundy raffia and a homeade tag) contained Christmas coffees. The smaller red bags contained holiday teas and the mini pumpkin breads (baked by Bill, btw!) were tied up with a cloth ribbon.

We began our Christmas breakfast with my folks and my brother Matt, and my brother-in-law, Greg.


I took this picture before the table was fully set, and I'm glad I did. I had a feeling once I got busy with the cooking and visting, I'd forget all about taking pictures. In this picture you see the coffee corner, the Christmas plates and mugs, the pitchers of Christmas punch and eggnog, the breads and, in the distance, the fruit salad. Still to come: crumb cake, bread pudding, egg and sausage casserole and slow-cooked kielbasa. Those beautiful flowers in the middle (wish I got a better shot) were sent to us by my Aunt Pat and Uncle Dave. They were filled with candy canes, carnations and all kinds of lovely holiday blooms.

After breakfast, came brunch with Bill's folks, and then there was a brief lull before the afternoon Christmas party! Pictured below are the appetizers (which captured the attention of Bookworm, and my cousins Kate and Kara) ...


The appetizers were all familiar favorites: hot artichoke dip with French bread, a broccoli and cherry tomato wreath served with hummus, a cheese ball with crackers, Bookworm's favorite crabbies and cream cheese with hot pepper jelly.

I also have to show you this picture of my cousin's girls. Aren't they sweet? Their Christmas dresses were just precious.


No pictures of dinner or dessert, I'm afraid, but I can tell you what we had: a ham, maple baked beans, macaroni-and-cheese, baked ziti, meatballs and sauce and rolls ... then, sugar cookies, anise drops, chocolate cake, biscotti, cherry-nut loaf and assorted cookies and candies. Mulled cider and coffee, of course, too!

Before I go, I must show you my favorite of all the gifts I received - these gorgeous candles the boys made for me, all glittery and soft. They made these with my mum one day and it was all very hush-hush. I love them!


Well, I'd best be going. Still more to do to get the house back to normal. We leave up our decorations till Little Christmas (though we do often take down our tree on New Year' Day). I think I'll forgo that nap I was considering ~ I've got a fresh cup of tea and a crisp new calendar in my lap ... maybe I'll work on some plans for 2008. :)

I do hope your Christmas was merry and bright, and I hope your day after is quiet and calm. See you all again sometime soon!