The Chickadee Post, Mid-December
More Snow Pics!

A Christmas Tree Tour


My posting might be light over the next several days as we head into the holiday week ~ so much to do, not much time left to do it ...

... The cards WILL be going out in tomorrow's mail, so if you've been wondering where ours is, it's on the way! :) The next few days we'll be baking, making a few last minute gifts, tidying for Tuesday and I have one day planned to brave all the craziness out there and finalize a few "brick-and-mortar" purchases. (I will probably need to post after that, lol.) ...

So for today, I wanted to put up some pictures of our Chistmas tree - my boys worked so hard on it! Since it looks so pretty at night, I took the pictures after dark. Which makes the pictures kind of dark too, but also kind of cozy.

I also want to take a moment to say thanks to the kind folks who voted for me in the Homeschool Blog Awards ~ as it turns out, my blog won the Best Crafts, Plans and Projects category! I am honored by your support and I am truly grateful if something I share here helps you in any small way. :)

Now, about that tree ...


This little patchwork mouse is my favorite of all - and has been since I was a little girl.


There are lots of birds all throughout our woodland themed tree, including this pheasant. I LOVE pheasants, and long to see one again ... our first home was somewhat "up country" and we had the sweetest pheasant family living in the field below our home. They would commute up our hill almost daily, and their call is so unmistakable, we almost never missed them.


A lovely church ornament - a gift from Crackerjack's CCD teacher last year. (It looks just like our church!)


Bookworm's CCD teacher's gift: a lovely Mother and Child in porcelain ...


Oh, yes, this  a house of boys, so you will find the stray pirate or Darth Vader in our tree as well. ;)


A colorful jack-in-the-box ...


Another bird, this one quite old (the old ones are the best) ...


A tiny wooden Christmas train ...


Our one-legged nutcracker ...


A pair of lovebirds on a piney perch ...


And the tree in one glance: kind of cluttered, kind of tilted, but very much loved! :)

Well, thanks for stopping by and checking in! I'm off now to start the day (which is snowy and cold here in my corner of New England). I hope you all have a good day ... and wherever you are, keep warm and be well!