~ A Sunday Hello ~
A Christmas Meme

Cocoa + Cookies + Christmas Stories

Throw in lots of friends and a good bit of snow and you have yourselves a really fun way to spend a December afternooon! Especially if it happens to be a Monday!

The timing was perfect - this morning we woke to our first real snow of the season, and this afternoon we attended a Winter Holiday Storytime with friends. This was an activity I organized for my homeschool group, and I was so pleased it had a nice turnout (30+ kids!). The idea was this ~ to have the children bring their favorite Christmas (or winter) book to share with their friends in a cozy story circle. And obviously if there are stories being shared on a wintry afternoon, then there absolutely must be cocoa and cookies. So there was, and plenty of both. :)

If I may, I'd like to share a few pictures from our day ...


In the above picture are bookmarks I made for the kids to decorate - a memento of what I hope will be our first annual Winter Holiday Storytime. These were colored as the last story was read today. Now obviously this activity appealed mostly to the youngest children in our homeschool group, but I was thinking next year it might be nice for the older kids to get together to read a classic like A Christmas Carol. (They'd get cocoa too, of course.)

And here are the goodies brought by one and all:


From front to back: anise drops, frosted gingersnaps, banana bread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, brownies, pretzels and a bowlful of marshmallows for the cocoa. (Though I suspect most of them were eaten right out of the bowl, lol!) Later, a delicious pumpkin spice cake arrived too. Do you know, all that was left at the end of the day was a half-bag of pretzels? I'm not surprised - listening to stories works up quiet an appetite!

(Not shown, in the kitchen there was a cocoa station set up with an electric kettle, thermal carafe, cocoa mix and several kinds of holiday tea for the mums.)

We used a long table for displaying all the books brought today:


As you can see, we had quite an array! Some funny, some solemn - all wonderful because they were special to our children. A few mums took turns reading aloud to the kids who spread out on the floor across a landscape of fleecy blankets.   

And the perfect timing continued ... though the morning's snow had turned to a slushy rain (making for tricky travel getting over to the library) midway through our storytime, we looked out the windows to find it snowing once more!

Our drive home was equally snowy, but just in that quiet, easy way. (The roads were passable and the light was still good.) I couldn't help pulling over to snap a picture of this field near where we live:


December is a lovely month for so many reasons - soft snows, special stories and hot cocoa shared with friends. I'm thankful we got to enjoy these things today.

And now the snow has tapered and the sun has set ... the boys are still chatting about the fun we had, and asking when our next homeschool activity takes place. (And that would be Book Group later this week ...)

So I'm off ~ to supper, to dishes, to bathtimes and bed. I hope you all had a good day and I'll see you sometime tomorrow. :)