Papa, Don't Peek!
A Special Gift for Earlybird*

~ Bits and Bobs ~

Christmaslilyofvalley_3*We have family coming today for Earlybird's birthday party. I don't think I need to say it but, he is sooo excited! :) With all this snowy weather, we're going to do a little snow theme - paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and a snowflake cake, too. I cannot wait to show you the little mailbox my mum has painted for EB! This is a project we are working on together, and I say working because my part is still not quite done! It's hard to describe, but I can say it will be a charming little vehicle for nature stories and surprises ... I'll post all about it later today!

*We have finally nailed down three good pictures of the boys, so the Christmas cards can be - will be! - finished this weekend. (We gave up trying to do a group photo a long time ago, lol.)

*This coming Sunday is Gaudete Sunday, the third week of Advent. I'll have to dig up our sparkly pink JOY letters and display them on the mantel. (And those are just about the only pink sparkly things to be found in my house, lol.) I'm a bit concerned about the caroling party scheduled for later on Sunday, because it involves a hayride and, in case you haven't heard ...

*We're in for a Nor'easter tonight! Yikes! It's not even officially winter yet, and it's already feeling more like January than December ... but I'll take it if it means a white Christmas. We haven't had one in years! (And thank goodness for UPS and the internet! Otherwise I'd be getting nothing done!)

*Then of course we have the much-anticipated Pats v. Jets game on Sunday. They're saying the stormy weather might keep the score down - but as long as they win, I don't care how many TD's Tom Brady throws! ;)

Well, that's all I can think of right now, and I'd best be getting that cake in the oven ... oh, one more thing! I have the post about our December Nature Club meeting just about ready to go ... I'll get that up tomorrow - of course, not until after the cards are finished! ;)

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone! Keep warm and well!