More Snow Pics!
For the Little Birds ...

Afternoon Check-in :)


Oh my goodness, this cup of cocoa tastes soooo good right now. Yes, cocoa! Not coffee and not tea, but good old-fashioned cocoa. Well, old-fashioned in the Swiss-Miss-of-my-childhood sense of the word. ;) Just got in a bit ago after a very long day out there in all the bustle. Finishing up the Christmas shopping, mailing the cards, picking up the birdseed (in bulk) ...

Boy, after a morning out there, I'm all the happier to be back in here. In here where it's warm and soft and quiet. Out there it's all cold and crunchy and crazy. But you know, I only do this once (the mall thing, that is), and I do it with my mum. So it's fun. (And lunch at The Cheesecake Factory helped immensely.)

The boys and Bill stayed at home, and while I was out, Bill worked his own brand of Christmas magic, too ~ there are now cranberry lights on the railing, a tiny sparkly tree in the playroom and at long last we have candles in the windows! All this soft lovely light, just in time for the longest night of the year!

Oh, it's so good to be home. So good to be thisclose to Christmas ...

The first thing I did after I hauled in all the packages (or, um, directed Bill as he hauled in all the packages, lol), was to light the kettle and sit for a spell by my bird windows. I highly recommend bird windows if you're in need to unwind. All God's creatures are lovely, but oh, the tiny feathered ones sure are fun to watch.

I took the junco picture above just before it got dark, and as you can see he minded not a whit that I was so close to the window. (I'm not sure why this is. Most likely because we've been feeding and watching them so long they've gotten comfortable with us. Many birds are still very shy, but some, like the chickadees, are right little hams.) To answer Rose's question, my camera is a Sony Cyber-shot and no, I don't use any special lenses or anything. Regular setting, never a flash. Sometimes I use the little flower button (I'm so tech-savvy, I know) for close-ups. Say, for bugs or frost particles or tiny dew drops. I mostly take bird pictures through windows, so all in all I'm happy with it.

(By the way speaking of bird pictures, do check out the beautiful ones at Nori's!)

All right, by now you're wondering about the point of my post. (Is there one? Where is she going with all this?) Nowhere special, really. I just love sitting down in the afternoon with a hot cuppa something and checking in with you all. :)

Today, my mind is on lists. The ones spread all over my lap, the ones that need to be revisited after today's shopping sojourn. Over at 4Real, Ruth asked the question: How long is your to-do list? So, like Cay, I'm listing them all out. Right here.

Ready? :)

  • go over lists!
  • finish rest of cards tonight
    • while watching a movie with Bill
  • unpack packages and sort through gifts
  • wrap gifts
  • one more stop at the bookstore!
  • plan Christmas menus:
    • early breakfast
    • brunch
    • afternoon buffet
  • shop for Christmas menus
  • cook for Christmas menus
  • bake gift breads
  • clean for company
  • salt walkways
  • boys' baths and haircuts
  • Midnight Mass

OK, now I'm off to start revamping those lists! And signing those cards! And planning those menus! And watching that movie! And then getting a good night's sleep ...

See you all sometime tomorrow! :)